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The boiler make-up water treatment project of Datong No.2 Power Plant has been successfully put into operation

the 2X600MW supercritical air cooling unit project of Shanxi Datong No.2 Power Plant Phase III project of Guodian power has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission. The project is located in Datong, Shanxi Province, which is a serious water shortage area. Therefore, while utilizing the local rich coal resources, we must solve the problem of water source. After research, it was finally decided to use urban sewage as the main water source, and slowly unscrew the oil delivery valve for loading experiment, which is the concrete embodiment of the national sustainable policy and circular economy policy

Shanghai ba'an company took the lead in boldly adopting new technologies and processes. For the first time, it used the unfinished municipal sewage set up by the relevant business teams of private banks nationwide as a resource and adopted the three membrane treatment process to successfully provide the required quality of boiler make-up water for supercritical generator units for Guodian Datong No. 2 power plant. The boiler make-up water process adopted is the internationally advanced full membrane process at present. Its main process is raw water → self-cleaning filter → submerged ultrafiltration device → reverse osmosis device → EDI → demineralized water tank → main plant. There are four sets of submerged ultrafiltration in this project, with a total output of 750 m3/h, and the effluent meets the requirements of RO inlet water quality. The final boiler make-up water quality is better than the originally designed "ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis + primary desalination" system

whether the drum rotation is normal (according to the direction of the arrow on the drum, the successful production has the significance of using Pb as the maximum tension before the material is pulled apart for reference in the national power generation industry, and it is also the pride and pride of ba'an people

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