The body of the hottest concept car, biomobilech,

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The body of the concept car is made of biological composite materials

the body frame of the latest version of the concept car is made of banana fiber matrix composite materials, greenlite recycled reinforced materials produced by French boshe industries and resins extracted from pine wood

bi Market Forecast: the 2018 water treatment pre control report points out that a large number of "green" materials are used in vehicles, including greenlite recycled non-woven fabric developed by boshe company, which is used for the lower part of the body. The next step involves the replacement of other structural components with renewable energy products. It is equipped with the engine of the bush cutter, and its fuel consumption is close to 0.10 liter per 100 kilometers

the project draws on the resources and expertise of Swiss hepia and cooperates with some institutions and enterprises. BioMobile. C wood plastic products are more valued by countries all over the world than pure plastic or pure wood products. The initial purpose is to be used in international energy vehicle races, such as shell automobile environmental marathon. Over the years, combined with new biofuels and materials, the concept car has been upgraded

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