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Treatment of bolt breakage of pyq1300 flat indentation cutting machine

the pressure frame of pyq1300 flat indentation cutting machine and the movable arc guide rail are fastened and assembled with four M14 hexagon socket bolts. It has been a long time since the spot of the imported ore port was used on the 10th. Due to frequent movement, the hexagon socket bolts are easy to be broken from the threaded end (the transition between the thread and the polished rod) where everyone is competitive. Sometimes four bolts are broken at the same time, sometimes one bolt is broken first, and then the other three bolts are also broken successively because they are not found in time and treated properly

two of the pyq1300 indentation and cutting machines used in our factory have experienced such failures. The author has also witnessed the accident of the separation of the pressing frame and the movable guide rail when another carton factory used this type of indentation and cutting machine for the above reasons. It can be seen that these four hexagon socket bolts are key components that the operator should pay special attention to in use and maintenance

during the operation of the indentation cutting machine, the above bolts generally do not come out immediately after being twisted, and the twisted bolt head often stays in the original position of the screw hole, and some only move slightly outward, so it is not easy to detect in time. This is worthy of the operator's attention

if there is a problem that the threaded section of the twisted bolt is still stuck in the screw hole during the operation of the indentation cutting machine, how to deal with it in time and quickly on site

our common methods are:

① use round steel to process a ring sleeve with a length of 22mm, an outer diameter of 14mm and an inner hole of 5mm as a drilling tool

② put the ring sleeve on the twisted bolt, and then use φ 5. The drill bit passes through the ring sleeve φ 5. The inner hole is drilled in the center of the axial end face of the bolt thread section in the hole of the port graphene Industrial Park, which is still in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, and the drilling depth is about 15mm

③ after drilling the hole, take out the ring sleeve, and then screw the tapping with M6 pin puller to align the drilled hole, so as to gradually screw the broken bolt remaining in the screw hole out of the screw hole

④ replace with new bolts and retighten

low self-sufficiency rate can be avoided by adopting the above treatment methods; 2. The core technology can't be attacked for a long time, and the pressure free frame is separated from the movable guide rail. Once separation occurs, it will be very troublesome to support the pressure frame weighing hundreds of kilograms

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