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On the afternoon of June 20, the chief expert forum of Jiangsu electric power and China's birthday safety belt company was officially launched in 1989. Nearly 300 users from all over the province participated in the training through the network or on-site. Videoconferencing provides full network technical support

Jiangsu electric power company, which governs 13 municipal power supply companies and 51 county power supply companies, is the largest provincial-level company under the state power company. For many years, Jiangsu electric power company has attached great importance to human resources work. Ten years ago, it proposed the strategic goal of building a talent highland. In recent years, it has done a lot of work in the cultivation of highly skilled talents

in order to make the training more convenient, Jiangsu electric power company and Shanda lianrun company established the network training college in 2006, which has realized a new learning and training mode with network as the core. The virtual classroom is provided through the platform established by the video conference software, which can realize the training in different places. Other central ministries and commissions will also introduce a number of policies and measures, such as finance, taxation, human resources, land, guiding "zombie enterprises" to exit, and so on. At present, the network training college has been upgraded to network university, which has become the main platform for teaching activities of Jiangsu electric power company, the main forum for professional discussion, the main channel for ability inheritance, and the main window of management. It has become a leading enterprise in the national system, ranking first in terms of scale and depth of application

through nearly 10 years of cooperation and application exploration, the visual video conference system has expanded the education and training methods of Jiangsu electric power. Through this platform, the teaching parties have reached a good interaction, which is convenient for employees to learn, and better solves the growing need of the contradiction between work and study, so that the talent training of Jiangsu electric power has achieved obvious results

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