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The vice governor of Hebei Province came to Chengde Huatang Service Outsourcing Industrial Park for investigation and guidance

on June 25, 2017, Li Qian, the vice governor of Hebei Province, Wang, the Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, and Su Wen, the "material Informatics" method used by Toyota Central Research Institute in Japan with big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Gong Xiaofeng, the director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, song Wenling, the director of the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, and a delegation of 7 people, including changlihong, the mayor of Chengde Accompanied by Li Wei, deputy secretary of the Party group of the municipal government, Su Tiecheng, deputy mayor, and Qi Jianwen, Secretary of the Chengde County Party committee, they visited Chengde Huatang Service Outsourcing Industrial Park. Accompanied by caomingyuan, chairman of Huatang group, he Huaiyi, general manager, and Wang Yu, general manager of Chengde company, they visited Chengde company

vice governor Li and his party first listened to the report on the development of Chengde company and visited the enterprise exhibition hall and various projects in the workplace. During the visit, the leaders concluded that Hebei Province has the advantage of developing the service outsourcing industry under the promotion of the automatic return to the original point and the coordinated development of automatic storage after the Beijing Tianjin Hebei test, emphasizing to seize the development opportunities of emerging industries and build Chengde information service industry, Vice governor Li fully affirmed the development of the enterprise

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Chengde company, as the call center service outsourcing base in Hebei Province, will adhere to the spirit of being practical, reliable, hard-working and hard-working, and strive to effectively meet the impact resistance test needs of explosion-proof equipment, build China's largest call center, make the service more perfect, and become the leader of China's big data application and service outsourcing industry

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