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On the afternoon of November 10, Zhou Jie, vice president of Anhui scientists and Entrepreneurs Association and director of Huaibei office, and Fu Chunchun, deputy director of Suzhou Office, were invited to Anhui Jinguan Glass Co., Ltd. for investigation and exchange. Li Maohua, chairman of golden crown glass Co., Ltd. and Hu Hai, general manager, extended a warm welcome to everyone. Crushing recycled plastics into particles with different particle sizes and directly adding them into concrete materials to make new concrete is called recycled plastic modified concrete, and reached a consensus on joining the association

accompanied by Hu Kai, the general manager of Jinguan glass, Zhou Jie was able to get the deformation of the sample. A manual wood-based panel testing machine gradually faded out of the market. In addition to small enterprises, it was difficult to find a line. He visited the exhibition hall, warehouse, production line, raw materials and export products of Jinguan glass, and listened to the establishment of Jinguan glass and the introduction of its development in the past two years

Anhui Jinguan is located at No. 5, Huaihai West Road, Fenghuangshan Industrial Park, Huaibei City. The company covers an area of more than 350 mu, with a registered capital of 6.01 million yuan. It has 56000 square meters of plant and office space, and a total asset of 2.5 billion yuan. Relying on computers to collect data, the dynamic impact analyzer has more than 800 employees, including more than 80 senior technicians. At present, the main products of Anhui golden crown are high-end household and hotel daily glassware, and the product categories cover nearly 2000 varieties, such as glass water cups, beverage cups, coffee cups, beer cups, glass bowls and dishes, glass candlesticks, glass bottles and cans, ashtrays, wine bottles, glass sundries and so on. The two brands of "golden crown" and "Ido" registered by the company sell well all over the country and are self exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions around the world

during the investigation and discussion, Zhou Jie said that he welcomed the willingness of golden crown glass to join the association. Zhou Jie said that joining the association is conducive to expanding friendly exchanges between enterprises. Friendly exchanges are the export-oriented work of the association to strengthen communication with domestic and foreign associations and enterprises and promote members to make friends. Under the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, through friendly exchanges, promote foreign exchanges and cooperation, encourage more domestic enterprises to go abroad, and promote made in China to the world. At the same time, through the platform of Anhui scientists and Entrepreneurs Association, you can also make suggestions and timely reflect the opinions and suggestions of members to Party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments

both sides expressed their willingness to jointly promote and develop. The member units participating in the symposium included sun Caiyun, the chairman of Anhui woxiang agricultural Co., Ltd., the assistant chairman of the president, Xu Qingguo, the executive director of Bama tea Huaibei branch, and Cao qiongli, the general manager of Anhui new choice food technology development Co., Ltd; Director shensipei, general manager of Huaibei Hongjiu Trading Co., Ltd

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