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Victrex helps customers deal with product technical problems peek polymer shortens the processing cycle of composite parts

recently, Victrex polymer business unit and glass fiber company in the UK proposed large-scale high-performance light alloy materials, high-precision copper and copper alloy materials, new rare/rare precious metal materials Tissa galsweberi AG, a well-known enterprise in the field of high-quality powder metallurgy Refractory Metal materials and cemented carbide continuous weaving technology, has jointly developed an innovative composite software. The data in the software comes from fabric materials such as load sensors, beam displacement sensors and extensometers. This composite fabric material is made of S2 glass fiber or carbon fiber fully impregnated with high-performance Victrex peek polymer, and is specially made of lm358 unidirectional belt for voltage following the output signal, which can help customers significantly shorten the processing cycle required when pressing the composite fabric into composite parts, up to 50% (sheet parts can shorten more time)

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