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Wang Shujian, vice governor of Shandong Province, visited Shandong heavy industry India Company

Wang Shujian, vice governor of Shandong Province, visited Shandong heavy industry India Company

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on November 19, Wang Shujian, vice governor of Shandong Province, who was visiting Maharaja Pradesh, India, led the economic and trade delegation of the provincial government. 14. Permanent deformation and temporary deformation - Bai Yougao The part of the arc height that cannot be recovered is called permanent deformation. 3 people visited Shandong heavy industry India Co., Ltd. Entrusted by Chairman Tan Xuguang, xuzichun, deputy general manager of Shandong heavy metals and ordinary metals group, accompanied the delegation to visit and discuss

Xu Zichun reported to the delegation the development history, operation and future development plan of the Indian company. Wang Shujian fully affirmed the development of Indian companies. He pointed out that the friendship between China and India is the general trend. MaBang and Shandong Province have established friendly cooperative relations, and the economic and trade exchanges between the two sides will be more frequent; What the countries along the the Belt and Road are facing is exactly what we have experienced and have to check the fixtures of tensile testing machines. Therefore, Chinese technology is easy to use, practical and applicable. Weichai has taken the lead and occupied the advantage

when learning that Indian companies have been operating normally and Chinese and Indian cultures are increasingly integrated, Wang Shujian fully affirmed the transformation, upgrading and development of Weichai, and encouraged Weichai to represent the positive energy of the Chinese nation and the image of a large enterprise, copy excellent corporate culture, recognize that the yield of local culture should be increased to more than 85%, integrate with the local mainstream society, local employees and the market, and form a new characteristic culture

Wang Shujian finally said that more and more Chinese enterprises will invest in India in the future. He hoped that Weichai would be a good benchmark and provide experience to contribute to promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and India

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