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Video conference helps Dehua Angu seize the life insurance market

Dehua Angu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Preparatory) is a national life insurance company approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission and jointly funded by Shandong state-owned assets Investment Holding Co., Ltd., German Angu Insurance Group Co., Ltd. and German Angu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. with its headquarters in Jinan and its initial registered capital of 600million yuan, It is the first national life insurance company headquartered in Shandong. Dehua Angu has a wide distribution of points and a large number of personnel, and the communication between them is restricted by many aspects:

how to achieve efficient communication with each branch business department and improve the management level

how to efficiently carry out daily work? Since the expansion speed is not directly related to the stretching speed, meetings, administrative meetings and summary meetings

how to carry out technical and business training for department employees all over the country

how to make up for the fact that hardware meetings cannot meet the needs of flexible and diverse training of enterprises for data collaboration functions

how to find customers, develop new customers, maintain old customers and grasp market share

in order to better serve customers, retain customers and win new customers, Dehua Angu has joined hands with Shiwei to create an efficient and interactive high-definition network communication service platform. The HD video conference system is an improvement of the traditional video conference system. The clear picture quality, synchronous sound effect and minimum delay help the participants. Silcotech company in Bolton, Ontario, Canada designed and produced molders to maintain their attention and provide an efficient and high-quality video conference experience. At the same time, the wide-angle display in the HD video conference allows more participants to appear in the picture, Ensure that the whole body operation is simple and convenient, and devote yourself to the meeting

the super-v network video conference system can meet the needs of the insurance industry, make full use of the existing network infrastructure of insurance enterprises, and quickly build an efficient interactive network communication service platform for enterprises. It can not only realize the interactive audio and video communication between departments and increase the bone interface, but also share all kinds of data and reports, making the information communication more timely, It meets the meeting needs of frequent training and exchange in the insurance industry

◆ efficient collaboration, rapid decision-making, and policy uploading and releasing

◆ organize department meetings and summary meetings face to face

◆ provide internal business training and support to employees quickly and efficiently

◆ provide remote service support, and professional insurance sales analysis consultants provide advice and introduce new insurance types

◆ build a network marketing platform, and Tianya is close to each other, which is more convenient for the maintenance of new and old customers

◆ efficient communication makes efficient operation. Super-v video conference injects fresh blood into Dehua Angu. Innovative technology and high-quality services will inevitably enable Dehua Angu to greatly reduce communication costs, improve decision-making efficiency, and better meet the needs of market competition in the process of information development

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