The hottest Vida Group signed a contract with AVIC

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On July 26, Weida International Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weida group) signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Zhonghang Property Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhonghang property, which is difficult to become the mainstream product in the market) and Qianhai super front desk (Shenzhen) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as super front desk) in Jiangmen Xinhui. According to the agreement, the three parties will cooperate in depth in the fields of institutions/corporate headquarters/public/commercial/high-end residential properties, and jointly lead the consumption upgrading and ultimate experience of the household paper market for external use at home through strong cooperation and resource sharing among the three parties, so as to meet the people's yearning for a better life

Chen Guoguang, the director of the commercial department of AVIC property, and Wang Yanfeng, the general manager of the super front desk, led the team to visit Vader's advanced production base (Xinhui factory), and then attended and participated in the high-level exchanges and strategic cooperation signing of the three parties

director Hu Baoyan and his team of Vida business division had in-depth exchanges with the visiting AVIC property and super front desk team. She said that the tripartite self combination experiment proved that adding waste foamed plastic aggregate can improve the bearing capacity of subgrade soil, especially soft clay subgrade. Since then, it has gained a good reputation in institutional properties and fields all over the country, and its performance has shown a rapid growth trend. Looking forward to the future, Vader will work together with AVIC property and super front desk on the value experience of customers from the following two aspects:

1. Customer orientation, quality first, and the use of to B operation ideas to provide customers with value oriented overall solutions and services

2. Enrich the category portfolio, innovate and lead consumption upgrading, and expand from Property Office to enterprise employee welfare

through the integration of three-party resources, vidacom helps the professional cleaning and hygiene in the property office field, leads the experience upgrading of office outside the home in the whole operation process, commercial and public fields, fully excavates the services in subdivisions such as employee welfare, and provides customers with comprehensive solutions

Mr. chenguoguang, director of the Department of Commerce of AVIC property, said: "AVIC property has more than 600 high-end property projects across the country. The signing of the strategic cooperation enables the cooperation between the two sides not only in the field of household paper, but also to further expand to the section of employee welfare and enterprise customized products, so as to jointly help governments and enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency, and reflect employee care."

Mr. Wang Yanfeng, general manager of super front desk, said: "super front desk is committed to building an ecosystem service system based on IOT. It is hoped that through this strategic cooperation, the two sides will extend from the customer level and scene level, win-win property platform and expand the market."

Ms. hubaoyan, director of Weida business division, said: "The mission of Vader group is to let people enjoy high-quality daily necessities and services. Vader DUOKANG is a cleaning and hygiene expert and leader from northern Europe. Through forward-looking customer insight and product innovation, it can meet the needs of public toilets and wine. In the process of experiment, it can freely change the needs of restaurants, commercial offices and services, workshops, and provide a full range of cleaning and hygiene services to help property owners reduce costs, increase efficiency, and be guests A trustworthy business partner. The procurement of property services and property platform extension is a big blue ocean. This strategic cooperation with AVIC property and super front desk is undoubtedly an important grasp and opportunity for Jiama Vida group's home and outdoor business in the field of property and office. We will respond quickly, be customer-oriented, innovative + service, and help AVIC property and super front desk improve customer needs and provide corresponding solutions. "

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