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Zhang Mao, vice mayor of Beijing, visited Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd.

on August 20, 2002, Zhang Mao, vice mayor of Beijing, inspected the newly opened Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. with a level of 0.2/1000. After his visit, Zhang Mao spoke highly of Hualian Printing Co., Ltd.: the starting point is very high, which improves the level of Beijing's printing industry and is consistent with Beijing's status as a metropolis; The cost of producing rock wool and vitrified beads is relatively high, and the production is orderly. It is an enterprise managed according to the modern enterprise management mode, a highlight of the Development Zone, and a vibrant enterprise

Vice Mayor Zhang Mao, who is in charge of the work of the Development Zone, was accompanied by Tang long, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Li Zhao, director of the Municipal Foreign Trade and economic cooperation, and Chen Wenshen, deputy director of the Management Committee of the development zone. Zhanglingui, the general manager of the company, introduced the profile and development prospects of Hualian company to vice mayor Zhangmao. Accompanied by Chairman zhangshuangru and general manager zhanglingui, Vice Mayor Zhang Mao and other leaders visited the famous artists' calligraphy and painting exhibition, the calligraphy and painting photography exhibition celebrating the opening of Hualian company and the review exhibition of books and periodicals with great interest. During the inspection, Vice Mayor Zhang Mao carefully learned about the international advanced printing equipment and production and operation conditions introduced by the company, and highly appreciated the activity of planting commemorative trees for the opening of the company. He believed that it was a commemorative event for the opening of the company and broadcast it in Zibo on June 24, which could be promoted in the development zone

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