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Video conference accelerates the information construction of Longwan local tax

wenshanhuihai is an image description of the work of many government agencies, but it is not suitable to use it to describe Longwan local tax. Since the application of seegle video conference, the traditional meetings of Longwan local tax have been greatly reduced. Most of the meetings are completed through the remote conference system integrating sound, image and data, which not only improves the communication efficiency, but also saves the meeting time, cost and personnel cost to the greatest extent. At present, Longwan Local Taxation Bureau has formed interconnection with more than 30 branches in the region through the E-government unified network platform

with the continuous development of the economy, the Longwan Local Taxation Bureau has undertaken an increasingly important task. With the help of information tools, strengthening the interconnection with other government departments, accelerating the internal information flow speed and reducing conference costs have become important issues to be solved by the Longwan Local Taxation Bureau

through the investigation of various information tools, video conference has attracted the attention of Longwan Local Taxation Bureau for its unique intuitiveness, timeliness and convenience. 3. According to the agility of the friction pair, it is divided into ball disk friction and wear experimental machine. After a period of investigation and trial, Longwan Local Taxation Bureau finally decided to choose video conference system as the main form of remote office and conference

Longwan Local Taxation Bureau has put forward the following requirements for the internal problems of low meeting efficiency, single internal communication channels, and high overall operating costs: first, it can hold various remote meetings in real time, and the effect is required to be stable and smooth; 2、 Build a multi-dimensional information communication platform for the Local Taxation Bureau; 3、 Good connectivity, high security and stability

through a detailed investigation of Longwan Local Taxation Bureau, seegle, the leader of domestic video conference, proposed a comprehensive solution for video conference, which fully meets the needs of the Local Taxation Bureau:

improve decision-making efficiency

Local Taxation branches distributed in different regions. Through the collaborative office module of seegle video conference system, 0 can copy the organizational structure diagram of Longwan Local Taxation Bureau to the network platform, Internal staff can conduct multidimensional communication through voice, video, text and other forms, but with the addition of bulletin boards, work logs, memos, file sharing and other office auxiliary modules, an efficient information communication bridge has been set up within the Local Taxation Bureau, which improves the overall office efficiency and decision-making strength, eliminates the need to waste time on the journey, and successfully shortens the decision-making time

remote office

the remote electronic whiteboard of seegle video conference system is fully ahead of its peers, supports the sharing and operation of vector documents at any time in the conference, and supports the completion of most conference applications through the electronic whiteboard; Remote screen sharing, collaborative browsing, remote assistance and file sharing are the icing on the cake of the system to ensure that all remote collaborative applications are met

save operating costs

the use of seegle video conference system enables most meetings of the Local Taxation Bureau to be completed in the conference room and in front of the computer desk, saving a lot of travel and communication costs; At the same time, it establishes a convenient and fast communication method between the local tax bureau and other government departments

face to face training

Longwan Local Taxation Bureau is expanding in scale, and its institutions are increasingly decentralized. Internal professional training and ideological work have become extremely difficult, and centralized training requires a lot of money and time. Seegle video conference system adopts video encoding and decoding technology based on MPEG-4, which makes the transmission of video data more stable and smooth, ensures the definition of conference video, and truly realizes the effect of high definition (19201080p). Combined with the system supporting G.711, G.723, G.729 voice codec technology and intelligent code stream smoothing technology, the stability and high fidelity of voice data are guaranteed, the conference effect is guaranteed throughout the process, and Longwan Local Taxation Bureau is helped to establish a network-based training classroom. So that people from different places can have face-to-face exchanges and communication on it, so as to realize efficient distance education and training

seegle video conference needs to include terminal clamps (to meet our use of terminal situation ot/dbv/xpress terminals); As a real-time multi-party video conference system based on the network, the system can enable people thousands of miles away to have more extensive contact and communication through the network and video conference system, improve the way of information exchange, and reduce communication barriers. It is the first choice for meetings and offices of modern tax authorities

through the application of seegle video conference system, Longwan Local Taxation Bureau has completely exempted the high cost and low efficiency of Wenshan Huihai, greatly improving the working efficiency of Longwan Local Taxation Bureau. It plays an irreplaceable role in realizing the functional transformation of Local Taxation and improving administrative efficiency

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