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Thanksgiving trip, Yuchai heavy industry Guizhou service month visit

Thanksgiving trip, Yuchai heavy industry Guizhou service month visit

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Guide: in order to improve its market position and improve its corporate reputation, under the background of the continuous expansion and improvement of national planning and construction, Yuchai heavy industry specially launched the Yuchai heavy industry user service month visit at the arrival of the scorching summer, There is only one purpose: to really approach users, want users

in order to improve its market position and corporate reputation, under the background of the continuous expansion and improvement of national planning and construction, Yuchai heavy industry has specially launched the monthly visit of Yuchai heavy industry user service on the occasion of the scorching summer. The purpose is to really get close to users, think about users' needs, be anxious about users' needs, and provide users with the best and most comprehensive services free of charge

on July 10, 2012, with the "gratitude journey, care 2012" service month of Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. in full swing, setting off waves one after another across the country, Wu kuanfei, service engineer of Xingyi Office of Guizhou Sanlong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., and leaders of Yuchai heavy industry factory service station began a new journey of service month visit

when visiting the home of user Chen Guangbo, the user received us very excitedly and warmly. When talking about the use of excavators and the company's service, the user praised the company's service repeatedly, because the service was handled in time, the excavator was well used, and the smooth progress of the project was guaranteed; During this service journey, the service engineer carefully overhauled the whole equipment, listened carefully to the users' needs for equipment maintenance, understood the operation of the equipment, carefully recorded every detail reflected, and solved the current problems on site free of charge. When we asked about the project, Boss Chen said with emotion: "Because of the continuous strengthening and expansion of national construction, rural construction has also been taken as the focus of development, and I have also hired some projects to do by myself, because these projects are more suitable for domestic small excavators. At that time, I also knew some project owners around me when purchasing equipment, and I also had a certain knowledge of Yuchai brand. Later, through further understanding, I felt very satisfied with the quality and after-sales of this brand, so I decided to buy this product Equipment; I don't want to. It's still very good to use after I bought it. It's also very smooth to use it. It not only didn't make me delay the project, but also obtained less economic benefits for me, such as non porous ceramsite; Now the service is also available, which makes me believe in Yuchai brand and the promise Yuchai gave me. "

then I also visited Hu Zhongyou, Zhang Bihui, Hu Zerong, Wang Xingguang, Jiang XueYue...

during this service month visit, Yuchai heavy industry and our company have increased their after-sales service force, equipped with multiple sets of maintenance tools, and came to provide users with free maintenance and free maintenance; It has fulfilled the service commitment of Yuchai heavy industry and the company, and given the most powerful service support to user equipment. The company revealed to: the gem layer decoration made of porous PVC can bring smoother and more realistic wood grain effect experience, which has been trusted and recognized by many users; Many users hope that the company can stick to it for a long time, give users a strong and reliable service support, and let users worry free about the use of devices

the picture shows the service engineer taking a group photo with the user boss Zhang

the picture shows the service engineer giving the user Chen Guangbo equipment maintenance

the picture shows the service engineer welcoming the call for consultation. The business engineer of the experimental machine is communicating with the user to repair the equipment

the picture shows the Service Engineer recording the feedback of the user Hu Zhongyou and doing equipment maintenance

we can't help but sigh that maybe people always have feelings, What people have is not only a matter of money, but also an issue of attitude. Our service visit brings users more than a simple free repair, treatment and maintenance of equipment. Most importantly, we bring our care and! We have made users feel these

I believe that in late 2012 and even in the future, with the construction and commencement of water conservancy and affordable housing by the state, Yuchai heavy industry will receive the support of old users and more new users. Our service will also continue to go on, so as to be closer to users and more considerate to users

according to the news of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission, friendly reminder

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