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The EU polyurethane standard of the the Belt and Road has the following new provisions: Strategic re promotion of six menus, UHV cloud computing, etc.

industry insiders believe that with the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Chinese enterprises will have more and more industrial "menus" to go out, covering UHV, 4G, domestic "cloud computing" equipment and other fields. With the promotion of the the Belt and Road strategy, the "going out" menu of Chinese enterprises will extend from railway, nuclear power, building materials and other fields to UHV, 4G, cloud computing and other fields. The first draft of the guiding opinions on accelerating the going out of equipment formulated by the national development and Reform Commission has been completed. The supporting policies include solving the financing costs of enterprises and standardizing the market order. SASAC is also actively promoting the "going global" strategy, accelerating the construction of key projects, and striving to build Chinese brands

Chinese enterprises have actively deployed, and Chinese equipment and international production capacity cooperation have begun to become a new business card of made in China. According to statistics, railways, nuclear power and building materials production lines are currently the key areas of China's equipment going global. Data show that in 2014, China exported a total of 26.77 billion yuan of railway equipment, an increase of 22.6% over the previous year. Industry insiders believe that with the promotion of the the Belt and Road strategy, the industrial menu of Chinese enterprises going out is becoming richer and richer, covering UHV, 4G, domestic cloud computing equipment and other fields

let enterprises open their hands and feet to the world

the output of H3PO4 iron Li was 57000 tons. In early April, Premier Li Keqiang held a symposium on China's equipment going global and promoting international production capacity cooperation. Li Keqiang stressed at the meeting that the key to making Chinese equipment go global and win-win cooperation in international production capacity is to improve the cooperation mechanism promoted by the government, led by enterprises and operated by businesses. One of the most important is to highlight and deepen the reform. Except for a few that must be approved, the approval of other overseas investments will be cancelled, and the record management will be implemented. All kinds of unreasonable restrictions and charges that restrict foreign investment will be cleared and cancelled, so that enterprises can open their hands and feet to enter the world, and the industry will continue to upgrade in the international competition

please re install software this year to vigorously promote the export of production capacity and equipment. We have a lot of advantageous production capacity, but now the utilization rate of production capacity is not high, and some overseas countries have such demand, so well-known enterprises in China, including Goldilocks, Hefei Huitong, China Guanghe Juner, plit, dawn group, rizheng and other well-known enterprises, strengthen practical cooperation, and speed up the strength and progress of capacity and equipment going out based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission, said not long ago. It is reported that the national development and Reform Commission is taking the lead in formulating the "guiding opinions on accelerating equipment going global", and the first draft has been completed at present. It is said that the industries supported by the policy are railway, nuclear power, building materials production line, steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, light textile, etc. the supporting policies include solving the financing costs of enterprises and standardizing the market order. SASAC is also actively promoting the "going out" strategy. In early April, Huang Danhua, deputy director of the SASAC, said that this year, we should seize strategic opportunities, accelerate the pace of going global, accelerate the construction of key projects, and promote the common economic and social development of relevant countries. Relying on industries with international competitive advantages such as high-speed rail, nuclear power, UHV, 4G and major infrastructure construction, we should drive China's equipment, technology, standards, services and management to go global and strive to build Chinese brands. Huang Danhua said

the industry menu of going out is becoming richer and richer

with the strong support of the government, China's equipment has been continuously upgraded and more big orders have been harvested. China's rail transit equipment should not only go out, but also go in and stay. Yu Weiping, vice president of CNR Corporation Limited, said that China has independently developed three core technologies of high-speed rail traction, automation and network control. The nine key technologies and ten supporting technologies of high-speed rail have achieved autonomy and industrialization, and there is no technical barrier for China's high-speed rail to go global. Yu Weiping said that after the merger of CNR and CSR, CRRC will be stronger and larger, forming a multinational high-end enterprise with rail transit equipment as the core. Its products have high cost performance and complete after-sales service, and have strong competitive advantages. Recently, the senior management of Dalian Electric Traction Company under CNR also revealed that at present, CNR has distributed a series of products abroad, such as railway tank cars exported to France and electric locomotives exported to Belarus; In addition, classic products along the belt and road, such as trams exported to Turkey and diesel multiple units exported to Bangladesh, will collectively appear at the exhibition

not only high-speed rail brands, but also nuclear power, UHV, 4G, building materials, major infrastructure construction, etc. the industrial menu of Chinese enterprises going global is becoming richer and richer. Guowensan, chairman of conch group, told that after years of rapid development, China's cement industry has reached the international advanced level in technology and management, and the best time to go global has come. In recent years, conch has successively completed the investment investigation and planning layout of Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and other Southeast Asian neighboring countries. In addition, conch has also organized teams to conduct extensive inspections in Russia, Mongolia, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries, so as to reserve for subsequent overseas development. It was revealed that Conch Cement recently signed the "the Belt and Road strategic cooperation agreement" with the Bank of China, which will also provide more powerful financial support and financial services for conch's "going global" development. Sun Pishu, chairman of Inspur Group, revealed during the two sessions that after China's high-speed rail and China's nuclear power, domestic cloud computing equipment is also going abroad, and has sold more than 20 million US dollars. (Shanghai Securities News)

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