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Taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road" strategic wind power enterprises to seek to go global

taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road" strategic wind power enterprises to seek to go global

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recently, the national energy department held a symposium on the international development of the new energy industry in Beijing. Sinovel wind power technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinovel") is the only wind power enterprise participating in the wind power field, Discuss with representatives from all walks of life the development plan for China's new energy industry to expand the international market if you don't know how much your products need

how can Chinese new energy enterprises better "go global"? Leaders of the national energy department believe that new energy enterprises, including wind power, should dare to go out while improving their competitiveness, so that the international market can recognize the ability and strength of Chinese new energy enterprises; While participating in international competition, we should find our own shortcomings and better promote our own development

xudongfu, President of Sinovel wind power, who attended the meeting, said that in recent years, under the dual role of national policy support and energy structure adjustment, the development environment of China's new energy industry has significantly improved, the industrial scale has been expanding, and the industrial level has been rapidly improved. At present, China's total installed capacity of wind power generation ranks first in the world. In the process of wind power industry development, Sinovel wind power adheres to technological innovation, has formed a complete industrial chain for the analysis of the experimental process of the localization of megawatt wind turbines with pendulum impact testers, and has completed the R & D and production of China's first 3MW, 5MW and 6MW wind turbines with independent intellectual property rights for the first time

it is understood that Sinovel wind power attaches great importance to the steady expansion of overseas markets while vigorously expanding the domestic market. Up to now, 180 wind turbines have been exported, and the cumulative capacity of wind turbines exported to Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa and other countries has also reached 300m. The country has guided the graphene industry to establish China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance W. Especially under the strategic concept of "the Belt and Road" put forward by the state, new energy enterprises including Sinovel wind power have a good opportunity to enter the international market

according to the person in charge of Sinovel wind power, the "the Belt and Road" region is a potentially high economic growth region with huge demand for energy supply. With the continuous progress of wind power generation technology, wind power will be more competitive, unaffected by fuel price fluctuations, stable and environmentally friendly. Wind power can bring clean, sustainable and safe energy security to the areas along the "the Belt and Road". According to its disclosure, the forward-looking strategic layout of Sinovel wind power focuses on Turkey, an important country in the "the Belt and Road" region, and has participated in the construction of Usak wind power project in Usak Province, Turkey, and yalova wind power project in yalova Province, which has laid the foundation for Sinovel wind power to expand the international market and dig gold for the "the Belt and Road"

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