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The key energy and resources cooperation projects of the "the Belt and Road" have been launched

the key energy and resources cooperation projects of the "the Belt and Road" have been launched

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the national development and Reform Commission recently released a message that at present, the connection between the "the Belt and Road" construction implementation plans of 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities across the country and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps has been basically completed, It is being introduced one after another. According to the plan, all regions will promote key work and major cooperation projects in energy and resources cooperation and other fields

in terms of energy and resources cooperation, a number of key energy and resources cooperation projects have been launched. Jiangsu actively promotes the construction of energy planning and priority implementation projects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor such as thar coalfield Industrial Park. Jilin Changjitu group imported Russian strategic energy reserve center for phase I construction. It is also a difficulty for Liaoning to launch the design of Indonesian nickel mine and Kazakh fixture. Tanzania copper mine mining, smelting and final work and other overseas resource development projects. It is important to reflect that each loading can only reach a certain load. Tianjin actively develops the resources of countries along the line according to local conditions, promotes the construction of energy and mineral projects such as the mining and beneficiation of iron ore in Mongolia and the acquisition of oil and gas in Kazakhstan, as well as agricultural and forestry biomass resources projects such as the agricultural cooperation Industrial Zone in Indonesia and the production base in Africa, establishes overseas production bases for bulk commodities, and improves the capacity of on-site processing and transformation of resources

in terms of ecological environment, the ecological cooperation in key regions is progressing smoothly, and the consensus on the green silk road is gradually formed. Xinjiang has built an ecosystem field observation and research network covering central Asia, and organized the implementation of the major international scientific and technological cooperation project "joint investigation and Research on ecological environment protection and resource management under climate change in Central Asia". Yunnan promotes wetland protection and capacity-building in the Greater Mekong subregion. Guizhou successfully held the 2015 annual meeting of Guiyang International Forum on ecological civilization. Representatives from more than 50 countries carried out forward-looking, trendy and pragmatic discussions on major global and regional ecological issues

at the same time, all regions fully realize that the construction of the "the Belt and Road" covers a wide range of areas and involves a wide range of fields. It is a systematic project, and systematic measures need to be formulated. To this end, all localities have formulated systematic measures to strengthen policy support, improve financial services, and do a good job in publicity and guidance, so as to pool all forces to promote the construction of the "the Belt and Road" in a pragmatic manner

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