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In May this year, China will host the "the Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum in Beijing. According to the people's Government on February 3, Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi said that nearly 20 leaders had confirmed to attend the summit

Event Review

since the "the Belt and Road" strategy was proposed at the end of 2013, with the establishment of relevant functional institutions and the introduction of planning, the strategy has been steadily advancing and has achieved phased results. In the second half of 2016, considering that the strategic focus of the United States may return to its homeland after the trump administration takes office, China is expected to continue to expand its influence in the Asia Pacific region. Superimposed on the positive external environment such as the entry of RMB into SDR, the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy is in a golden period. At present, the strategic focus of the "the Belt and Road" is still infrastructure and related industries. For the machinery manufacturing sector, in the process of infrastructure investment in overseas construction, transportation, energy and other fields, the manufacturing output of advantageous equipment represented by rail transit equipment, engineering machinery, oil and gas equipment is the main context of benefiting from the promotion of the strategy

since Premier Li visited Thailand in 2013 to promote high-speed rail, high-speed rail has been the main voice of the "the Belt and Road" in the field of high-end equipment, and it is also the focus of interconnection. However, restricted by geopolitics and intensified competition, the actual effect of the strategy in the past few years has been relatively limited. With the continuous improvement of competitiveness after the merger and integration of North South trains and the readiness of standard multiple units, the pace of overseas is expected to accelerate

ppp promotes the landing of overseas infrastructure projects, superimposes Xinjiang infrastructure investment, and construction machinery as the main construction equipment will directly benefit. After a long period of difficulties, the dominant construction machinery represented by excavators has taken the lead in recovering with the recovery of domestic demand, and the "the Belt and Road" will further boost the rise of the sector

overseas oil and gas projects are important investment areas. On the premise that the medium-term oil price probability fluctuates around the US dollar, the marginal improvement of upstream capital expenditure combined with the implementation of OPEC production reduction will enhance the prosperity of oil service equipment

the "the Belt and Road" strategy opens a new development opportunity for China's high-end equipment. These data are stored in the data memory. It is suggested to pay attention to the leading companies in high-speed rail, engineering machinery, oil service and other sectors, and focus on CRRC, Dinghan technology, Sany Heavy Industry, XCMG machinery, Jerry Co., Ltd. and huibopu. CRRC: "high speed rail goes to sea" has become a business card made in China. The price rises again and again, and subsequent projects are expected to continue to land and change the detector; Dinghan Technology: its main business is expected to come out of the trough and its overseas expansion will continue to advance; Sany Heavy Industry: the excavator leader benefited from the recovery of domestic demand, and the "the Belt and Road" is expected to bring new growth momentum; XCMG machinery: the layout of overseas sites is perfect, and the proportion of revenue continues to increase; Jerry shares: domestic oil service leader, the upward shift of oil price center is conducive to the medium and long-term development of the company, and the overseas order volume continues to grow; Huibopu: Overseas EPC orders continue to fall, and the cost advantage is expected to drive the company to take the lead in recovery

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