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Crusher industry has stepped into a new path of green and environmental protection development. In the 21st century, with the vigorous development of social economy and culture, people's awareness of environmental protection has become higher and higher. All industries have begun to embark on the green development path of environmental protection and energy saving, and crusher, as the main equipment in mining machinery, is no exception

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, promoting green development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and greatly reducing the energy and resource consumption intensity and pollutant emission intensity when selecting suppliers have become the focus of the development of various industries in China. Developing energy conservation and environmental protection industries and accelerating the transformation of development mode will also become the only way to promote social and economic development

with the rapid development of comprehensive utilization technology of mineral resources and related industries, the total amount of ore mining in China exceeded 5billion tons in 2012. Crusher equipment has been widely used in resource mining and mine construction. Therefore, the mainstream task of the crusher industry is to improve the technical content, directly affect the normal work of safety barriers, optimize product quality, and accelerate the pace of energy conservation and emission reduction

at present, China's crushing machinery industry will usher in opportunities for quality development of large testing machine fixtures, which are mainly reflected in three aspects:

first, China's crushing machinery market has become a hot spot of international equipment manufacturers. Due to the rapid replacement ratio of crushing machinery, especially the service life of small crushers is only three to five years, and the annual replacement of domestic crushers accounts for about 20% of the total demand for crushers, It provides a strong driving force for the rapid development of crushing machinery

II. Infrastructure construction has become one of the most important tasks at present, and a large amount of construction waste will be generated in the process of infrastructure construction. At present, China's construction waste has accounted for 35% of the total amount of urban waste. According to the standard of 550 tons/10000 square meters, China will add about 30billion square meters of construction area by 2020. Crushing machinery will play a major role in the recycling of construction waste

III. fully meeting the requirements of gb/t 17617 method for testing the strength of cement mortar (ISO method), the new 10-year plan for western development and post disaster reconstruction will lead to a large demand for crushing machinery. As the country continues to expand domestic demand and the pace of infrastructure construction increases, the crushing machinery industry will flourish

therefore, enterprises should seize the opportunity, comply with the development needs of the situation, improve product quality and high-end brand building, actively innovate and develop new products, vigorously promote the development of cleaner production and circular economy, lead the development of mining machinery industry, and seek new ways for green economy growth

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