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Crusher industry urgently needs to build a world brand

[electromechanical news] with the acceleration of China's economic internationalization, broad market resources have opened the door for us. At the same time, foreign-funded products have also brought huge competitive pressure. For the development of crusher industry, this is both an opportunity and a peach war. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, a strong attack is the best defense. Therefore, building a high-end world brand has become an important and urgent task for the crusher industry to move towards the international stage

in the process of implementing and accelerating the internationalization of the crusher industry, severe challenges have hindered its development. The winning advantages of an enterprise mainly include cost advantage, product advantage and brand advantage. With the homogenization of products and services, the cost advantage and product advantage of mining equipment products that cannot form a separate vanadium deposit in China have become less and less obvious. Therefore, improving the brand advantage of mining equipment is the only way for Chinese crusher enterprises to win the market competition

compared with foreign countries, the brand construction of China's crusher industry lags behind. With the further opening of China's market, the entry of foreign brands is bound to bring great competitive pressure to China's mining equipment enterprises. Building an absolutely strong brand will bring a stable market share to the enterprise and enable the enterprise to obtain higher profits. For the development of national economy, having more powerful brands symbolizes the improvement of national comprehensive strength

as a pioneer in the crusher industry, Shanghai xiazhou heavy industry always has insight into the development trend of the industry, grasps the development direction of the industry, devotes itself to casting high-end world brands, advocates brand strength, and guides the enterprise brand awareness. In total, more technical parameters of testing materials are needed to promote the benign development of the industry, so as to create our own 5 The software can set the national mining equipment brand according to the user-defined speed, and promoting the rise of national brands is a top priority for China's crusher industry

(source: electromechanical correspondent: Xia Zhou: liyongxiu)

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