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We also need to check the fixture of the tensile testing machine. Cryovac has produced new products to enter the packaging of instant convenience products. Cryovac recently released two new types of shrink bags and a new type of vacuum packaging machine, intended to enter the packaging field of instant convenience products

the new Cryovac vm15 is a processing equipment that provides aluminum packaging for cooked ham. It is a semi-automatic single cabinet design. Meat can be cooked directly in aluminum bags

the company said that Cryovac vm15 is not only suitable for packaging 5 to 10 kilograms of ordinary traditional ham, but also suitable for packaging Pullman legs with a packaging speed of 3.5 revolutions per minute

the machine is designed with a double control sealing system with cooling water settings. The operator can adjust the height of the sealing compaction roll according to the length of the packaging bag

the machine also has a high-performance end notch system and a compact vacuum packaging program. Interlocking and anti falling devices are beneficial to ensure the safety of operators

from the perspective of hygiene, the design is very reasonable, and the daily maintenance and cleaning are simple and easy. The company said so

two new shrink bags, kuairwei bb9051 and bn3050, are developed for the dairy and meat markets

kuairwei bb905, the so-called super large lifting bag of the company, is specially used to pack large and heavy dry cheese or processed meat. Company personnel said that the anti snagging and multi-layer composite design will protect the food from loss and leakage

kuairwei bb9050 can also carry large weight and prevent hook breakage. The high sealing performance and strong texture of the bag ensure the integrity of the package, with good shading and shrinkage

Hyatt said that in addition to the bb9050 in the experimental method for automobile wheels, kuailwei will also develop a series of high-quality and high-volume packaging bags to help solve the packaging problems faced by food processing plants and retailers

the new product bn3050 is designed for deep frozen products. It is also a multi-layer composite design with low shrinkage. It is especially suitable for the packaging of frozen meat, poultry and game

the company believes that the use of new materials makes the food processing plant benefit a lot

bn3050 is thinner and replaces the original bn200 film, which is only 48 microns thick, while the latter is 60 microns thick, which reduces waste and has better overall packaging performance, especially in low temperature environment

bn3050 has been improved in sealing performance. It is not afraid of folding and folding. Like the latter, it has very good resistance to external forces and continues to maintain a good printing effect

in addition, the plastic bag is transparent, smooth and attractive, which is conducive to advertising, Hyatt said. Other advantages include high moisture retention and good resistance to external forces even under deep refrigeration

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