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CSC Futures: the performance of Japanese Jiaotong was strong. Shanghai Jiaotong continued its weakness. Overnight crude oil rose sharply, but the yen also rose due to the impact of the Federal Reserve's interest rate cut. In recent days, the Japanese glue has been largely affected by the yen. Therefore, the Japanese glue opened slightly lower today, but the buying of low-level funds is still more active. The Japanese glue was pushed up slightly during the session, showing a narrow range of volatility throughout the day

despite the strong performance of Japanese glue today, Shanghai glue continued its weakness yesterday, and the upward momentum in the session was obviously lacking. Under the influence of the sharp decline of copper and zinc, Shanghai Jiaotong fell in shock, and the main contract closed below the line of 22500, showing signs of returning to shock in the short term

there are still no new themes in the fundamentals in the near future. The negative impact of the peak supply season of natural rubber in Southeast Asia 4 The impact of limit protection continued and put pressure on the futures price in the medium term. Although the high crude oil price led to the rise in the price of synthetic rubber, which indirectly boosted the demand for natural rubber, from the monthly import data, China, as the main consumer of natural rubber, imported 1.1 steps of natural rubber: specially processing a step surface on the edge of the friction surface as the measurement benchmark, which has decreased for three consecutive months, This reflects from one side that at present, several positive signals have appeared in the economic operation of the domestic Tianjiao extruder industry in China, and the consumption is weaker than the market expectation

technically, after the early short jump gap filled by Shanghai Jiao yesterday, the possibility of hitting the resistance above 23000 has greatly increased. However, after today's closing below the support of 22500, the short-term action can be weakened. The trend of Shanghai Rubber Industry in the next two days is more critical. If we can't return to the top of 22500, we can't rule out the possibility of entering the box again

in terms of operation, close positions with multiple orders

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