The hottest CSC futures market was closed overnigh

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CSC Futures: the overnight trading was closed. PTA was still volatile.

auto parts made of carbon fiber composites will develop rapidly. The overnight trading was closed due to the US memorial day. After PTA opened low and went high, it went high and fell back, reducing its position by more than 6000 hands

"the person from Huayuan recycling center said that in terms of upstream raw materials, the PX price in Asia was stable at $914 CFR South Korea. In terms of downstream polyester, the overall market of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester still rose modestly, but the trading atmosphere in the early market was significantly lower than that in the previous weekend

in the short term, crude oil above $70 will form consolidation, which will be a relatively large support for PTA. PX and downstream polyester also have the potential to stop falling and stabilize. It is expected that PTA will have a concussion trend in the near future, with a range of yuan. It is suggested that intra day trading is the main operation

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