Decorate the mud wood diary of the Gollum couple

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Decoration is like sailing in the sea, and every owner hopes to have a smooth sailing. The occasional waves of the sea can always make people tremble. The same is true of decoration. Problems in decoration always make people unprepared. After the completion of water and electricity, the renovation of Gulu and his wife reached the stage of mud wood engineering. However, the construction of mud wood does go and stop, which is a headache for them who are in a tight construction period

house information: 86 ㎡

decoration style: Mediterranean mix

decoration method: half package

community: Windsor County

decoration progress: mud wood engineering

decoration duration: 1 month

October 11, 2014 “ Do one off and two &rdquo

after a day's work, the bricklayer began to stop work! Stopped for 2 days! Do one off two! I'm drunk, too

what about God horse?! October 9 is the official entry of the Mason! As a result, the Master seemed to have built the wrong wall, so he had to stop work and let the designer come! Yu Gong was not free on the 10th. He said he would come on the 11th today. As a result, Yu Gong was busy and forgot just after the phone call! So he has to reschedule with the Mason! Another day off! So the Mason stopped work happily for 2 days, and the water and electricity master was also busy and had no time to repair

window envelope on October 18, 2014

on Saturday, the people of the envelope company finally came to install the window frame! At this moment, if you really want to go to the scene, you must at least have a look at the goods. In addition, there are many problems in the loading process. The process of installing the window frame is quite fast! I went to close the gate, and the master had already installed two

at this critical moment, the OCD in my family suddenly broke out. There are four window frames in the south of our balcony, two of which have railings, and the other two are newly poured balconies without railings! The master first installed the window frame in the area without railing, which is installed in the middle (left), and the original railing on the other side is also in the middle of the windowsill (right), which means that the window frame over there can't be installed in the middle. My family's obsessive-compulsive disorder is just like this

he thought it was too ugly not to install the four window frames on the same horizontal line. He had to remove the original railings and move them outside, so that the four window frames could be installed in the middle! Hehe, I'm also quite speechless




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