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What is a good dealer? It is a dealer who effectively shows his talent in dealing with crisis shopping malls. It is a dealer actively seeking cooperation and innovation with the company and win-win development. It is a shopping mall that can evaluate pulse, constantly change, constantly test new models and new dealers...

although door and window shopping malls have undergone more drastic changes, in the shift period from high-speed to low-speed, the competition in terminal shopping malls has become more intense, many people are withdrawing stores, and many people are quitting. However, there are still excellent dealers who live extremely well and practice sets of "sunflower scriptures" with high martial arts. Here is an inventory of the strategic activities of four types of marketers in terminal shopping malls

dealers who make a certain category to the extreme in the local market

this kind of dealers themselves do a great job. In the local market, a certain category achieves the extreme. Compared with other dealers, this kind of dealer will have some big advantages, such as quotation. He has the pricing power of the mall, because the category he makes accounts for the most dominant position in the mall. In addition, the more important advantage is that he takes the location. The room price will be much cheaper, and it may be more than half as cheap. In this way, his processing cost is very low, and he has the advantage of competition. Besides, make this category to the extreme, so that other dealers can no longer do this category well in this mall, and make the mall dominant, so he has the right to negotiate with the factory and get a preferential price

you know, in an area, any mall has your dealer's shop. In this case, is the factory brand big or your dealer big? In China, there is no consumer brand for home building materials, but the regional brands of dealers are different. This is a real store, occupying a real shopping mall. If the factory wants to enter this shopping mall, it must give in

these dealers are relatively the best ones. They have been preliminarily transformed very early and spent several years gradually completing the chain operation and corporate operation. They are the dealers with the highest survival rate in the store

dealers who are good at planning

because the current room price is very high, there is no excellent connection with the mall. What should we do in this case? How can I not be dumped

if you can't dominate a category in a mall like the first dealer, you need to understand the plan

it's the same as fighting. Do you want to flank guards or maintain which mall? Then where is your main focus? How do you deal with such a shopping mall? How to make the efficiency bigger is to make a reasonable plan, which is the question of the efficiency. Dealers should not be too superstitious in making products. They must show the taste of this product in a large area. Now some dealers often ask how many categories your factory has and how much area it can place. They want gaodaquan

but this is unreasonable. In a store, similar products have the same personality, and the most consumers can buy is only toilet, squatting pan, shower room, faucet shower and bathroom cabinet. The rest are red flowers set off by green leaves. Although a certain amount of air is necessary in specialty stores, don't be too superstitious about air. The key is to expand the efficiency. If you can spend 100 square meters on the products you want to buy, don't put it to 200 square meters. After all, the housing cost is very large

suppose that the factory must install 200 square meters, but you don't need to install 200 square meters. To be able to split, for example, open 100 square meters in this store, and then open another 100 square meters in another store to make the same product, this is the plan, which can form interaction, interaction between shopping malls, and gradually form a regional brand in a region. This may be more valuable for many dealers

this kind of dealer who is good at planning can also do very well, and he can make the Ping efficiency bigger. However, there are two conditions for a dealer to make such a plan: first, he must have strength; second, he can do a good job in data analysis, because the plan requires data support in this regard




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