Formaldehyde attacks student groups, decoration po

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Two days ago, students of all grades in a middle school in Jilin were diagnosed with formaldehyde poisoning, or infectious diseases, and the symptoms caused by it were nausea, vomiting and coughing. A picture of a girl with red eyes (which is commonly known as "red eye disease") was even more shocking. This news instantly detonated the entire microblog, circle of friends and major networks, The reason turned out to be that the formaldehyde content in the newly-built dormitories and purchased student desks and chairs of the school seriously exceeded the standard. As we all know, formaldehyde has always been an invisible killer in decoration, which seems to be inevitable. The news is even more thought-provoking. Decoration pollution, what should we do with you? Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will come to chat with you

it's not just this matter. In recent years, there are countless news about formaldehyde exceeding the standard, which has also attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. Although everyone is familiar with this term, some people still don't fully understand it. Let's talk about the harm of formaldehyde first:

aldehyde is a protoplasmic poison, which can combine with protein. After inhaling high concentrations of formaldehyde, there will be serious irritation and edema of the respiratory tract, eye tingling, headache, and bronchial asthma. Direct skin contact with formaldehyde can cause dermatitis, stains and necrosis. Regular inhalation of a small amount of formaldehyde can cause chronic poisoning. Long term inhalation by pregnant women may lead to malformation or even death of newborn babies. Men's long-term inhalation can lead to male sperm deformity, death, decreased sexual function, and serious diseases such as leukemia, pneumothorax, and lack of reproductive ability




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