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Emulsion paint is based on polymer lotion, added with pigments, various additives and deionized water, and prepared by specific processing technology. Polymer lotion and pigment form a dispersed phase, and water is a continuous phase

emulsion paint is an indispensable decoration material in home decoration. It is a coating refined by taking synthetic resin lotion as the base material and adding various additives after grinding and dispersing the filler. Emulsion paint has many advantages different from traditional wall coatings, such as easy brushing, rapid drying, water resistance of paint film, good scrubbing resistance, etc. Next, the editor will introduce the formula and main characteristics of latex paint

latex paint formula

raw materials — Weight — Function

water — 1.8

AP-4765— 20— Lotion

nxz— 0.1— Defoamer

texanol— 0.7— Film forming agent

ethylene glycol butyl ether — 0.3— Film forming agent

propylene glycol — 0.4— Freezing inhibitor

sand and stone powder — 75— Graded aggregate

hs30000 (2.5%) — 4— Thickener

total— 100

main characteristics of emulsion paint

1. Fast drying speed. At 25 DEG; C, the surface can be dried within 30 minutes, and it can be completely dried in about 120 minutes

2. Good alkali resistance. It is applied to the alkaline newly plastered walls, ceilings and concrete walls, which are not sticky and not easy to change color

3. The color is soft, the paint film is hard, the surface is flat and matte, the appearance is comfortable, and the color is bright and soft. With strong color adhesion, it is an ideal paint for painting walls and ceilings

4. It can be constructed on the newly constructed wet wall, and the allowable humidity can reach 8— 10%, without affecting the continuous drying of cement

5, non-toxic. Even if the construction is carried out in a room with poor ventilation conditions, it will not bring harm to the construction workers

6. Convenient modulation and easy construction. It can be diluted with water, constructed with a brush or a pencil, and cleaned with clean water after the tools are used up, which is very convenient

7. No ignition. Because the coating is an aqueous phase system, there is no fire hazard

how to choose latex paint

1. Choose a latex paint that is lighter than your favorite one

when choosing the color number, you must choose a latex paint that is lighter than your favorite color. Because you will brush it on the wall three times, the color you brush must be a little darker

2. Choose different latex paint for different spaces

for example, the latex paint applied in the bedroom should generally choose warm and comfortable colors, which will give rise to a romantic feeling as a whole. The color of latex paint applied in the living room is different. The living room belongs to public space. We can choose some colors that are more atmospheric, neutral and acceptable to everyone

3. Pay attention to the collocation in the later stage

after the whole wall is painted with emulsion paint, the collocation in the later stage should be considered. Because the latex paint is relatively plain and has no texture like wallpaper, we must work hard on accessories in the later matching

editor's summary: that's all for the formula and main characteristics of emulsion paint. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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