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In the construction of laying wallpaper, we often encounter a variety of problems, such as wallpaper warping, yellowing and so on. Moman wallpaper reminds you that as the head of household, you should do a good job in supervising the construction process to make the wallpaper construction more perfect

with the improvement of people's taste for home furnishings, many people abandon the traditional painting and choose wallpapers with variable styles in wall decoration. However, in the construction of laying wallpaper, we often encounter a variety of problems, such as wallpaper warping, yellowing and so on. Moman wallpaper reminds you that as the head of household, you should do a good job in supervising the construction process to make the wallpaper construction more perfect

does wallpaper have a long life

many people have various questions about wallpaper, and the most frequently asked question is, how long can this thin layer of paper material live? Won't the wallpaper get moldy and yellow

moman answer: if the paving process is good during construction, and the householder maintains it properly, and keeps the wallpaper in an airy environment, it can be used for a long time, generally not less than 5-8 years

is the thicker the wallpaper, the better

friends who have experience in selecting building materials may feel that the thicker and heavier the material, the better the quality. Therefore, when selecting wallpapers, many friends will specially choose some wallpapers with greater thickness, which is not completely correct

moman answer: not necessarily for wallpaper. Because the lower layer of wallpaper uses non-woven breathable paper, and the surface is made of technology, it will produce a certain thickness, but the quality of wallpaper depends on the quality of the backing paper

why is the wallpaper uneven

when the householder inspected the wall after the decoration, he found that the wallpaper was laid unevenly, which seriously affected the beauty of the wall. After re laying, he found that it was still uneven, which seriously troubled the householders

moman answer: because the wallpaper is directly pasted to the wall, the flatness of the wallpaper is affected by the wall. If the priming and soil approval of the wall are not done well, the wallpaper will be uneven. If the priming cost of the wall is too high, wood wallboard or cement board can be used for priming

can I DIY wallpaper

home decoration can also be very personalized. Some home decoration experts like to replace their homes by themselves, but if they are novice decorators, it is recommended to let professional masters complete it, because it is difficult to predict the problems in the process of paving and pasting

moman answer: wallpaper paving can also be DIY, but the paving process is more exquisite. If professionals are invited to pave, there are guarantees in flatness, flower matching and finishing work, so that the wall effect is more beautiful

why is the wallpaper easy to peel off

after using the wallpaper for a period of time, many friends will find that it is easy to fall, or the edges of the wallpaper are cocked and blistered

moman answer: in fact, the peeling of wallpaper has a lot to do with the professionalism of the master's construction and the construction environment. First, the basement is not well waterproof, resulting in water seepage on the wall and peeling of wallpaper; Another possibility is that when the wallpaper is laid, each process starts the next process before it is completely dry

is the wallpaper easy to maintain

when considering whether or not to lay wallpaper, the key to many friends' hesitation is that they are afraid that the wallpaper maintenance is difficult, and if the maintenance is poor, it is easy to have all kinds of problems

moman answer: in terms of maintenance, it depends on the type of wallpaper. The surface of PVC wallpaper generally has a PVC surface layer, which has good abrasion resistance and durability, and the surface has the effect of moisture resistance, so it is not difficult to maintain; Although pure paper products have no PVC layer, pay attention to the control of moisture when cleaning; For non-woven fabrics and natural wallpapers, you need to spend some time on maintenance. It is recommended to clean them with dry towels and feather dusters

what if there is warping at the edges of doors and windows

after using it for a period of time, many friends will find that the wallpaper near the door and window will be warped, and those who do not know how to deal with it will ask the decorator to deal with it, resulting in a waste of a lot of money

moman answer: for these small repairs, DIY can be done by yourself. The warpage at the edge can be repaired with white latex. First wipe the bottom of the wallpaper, clean the dust on the wall, then apply a thin layer of wallpaper glue on the wallpaper, and then flatten it with hardwood

why is wallpaper easy to smell

the newly decorated houses have a strong smell. Many friends found that the smell of wallpaper was also very serious, and began to doubt whether the environmental protection of wallpaper materials did not meet the standard

moman answer: in fact, the problem with wallpaper is that solvents are added during printing and dyeing. If these solvents are not completely treated, they will release the taste of formaldehyde solvent, so the taste will be more serious. Therefore, when choosing wallpaper materials, consumers should pay attention to the brand and product quality. If you want to know the environmental protection of wallpaper, you can take a small amount of wallpaper and ignite it. The edges and corners of the burned wallpaper show a gray white state, without pilling and caking. The ashes that fall after burning are crushed into powder. It shows that the wallpaper is made of natural plant fibers

why are there black and yellow stripes at the seams of wallpaper

after using it for a period of time, the householder found that a yellow or black stripe would appear at the seam of the wallpaper, climbing along the edge of the wallpaper, thinking it was moldy, so he considered replacing the wallpaper

moman answer: in fact, these are caused by the glue spilled during construction that is not wiped clean. The glue is exposed, and over time it will be covered with dust and bacteria, especially the environmental friendly glue made of natural plant materials, which has mildew and spots on the surface. Therefore, after construction, it is necessary to check whether the wallpaper has glue spillage. In case of mildew and spots, you can gently wipe it with a towel stained with diluted disinfectant to remove the mildew

brand introduction:

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