Cohen cloud suction III T61 intelligent range hood

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In the Internet era, user needs and experience have become the highest standard to judge the quality of products. Since its establishment for more than 10 years, Cohen Electric has always been customer-oriented, adhering to the meticulous independent research and development spirit, and has become a leading brand in the kitchen electrical industry. From the first variable-frequency cloud suction series cigarette machine t55 in 2016 to the cloud suction II Series cigarette machine T60 in 2018 to the recently launched cloud suction III series cigarette machine T61, Cohen has been constantly refreshing users' expectations with the smoke absorption effect of "smoke from all sides, three-dimensional ring suction"

under the cooking habit of heavy oil in Chinese kitchens, a plate of dry pepper into the oil pan will immediately raise white smoke, but in the kitchen environment equipped with Cohen cloud suction III T61 range hood, stir fried pepper, and did not smell the choking smell of pepper. Once you turn off the range hood, you will immediately cough up with the choking smell of pepper. In order to "fry pepper without smelling pepper flavor", Cohen organized thousands of experiments in the laboratory, and pepper alone cost hundreds of kilograms

Cohen appliances' new generation of Intelligent Cloud suction III T61 focuses on the intelligent field of product core functions and technologies. With the advantages of the three core technologies of "butterfly wing ring suction technology", "intelligent suction and exhaust system" and "high-efficiency static suction" and the best user experience brought by them, it provides new functions with intelligent suction and exhaust, efficient oil smoke control without smoke in all directions and kitchen air management as the core, achieving a grease separation of 95% and a normal odor reduction of 97%, which are far higher than the industry standard. In addition, Cohen cloud absorption III T61 is equipped with five original functions, unique "high-efficiency static absorption" technology, and the experimental noise is reduced to 55dB of the library level. "Purification" and "static suction" are grasped at the same time to practice real efficiency, environmental protection and comfort. Bring users a truly healthy, environmentally friendly and intelligent cooking experience

recently, the "Christmas New Year's day and new year's Eve" promotion of Cohen appliances is also in full swing across the country. Consumers who want to see the new generation of Intelligent Cloud suction III T61 style can go to the local Cohen store to experience the experience, preferential promotions, and multiple surprises. I believe you will definitely be able to choose Cohen's high-quality kitchen appliances with good quality and low price




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