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CSCI Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong rose steadily and its overall position continued to increase

despite the sharp decline in the international crude oil price overnight, Japan Jiaotong today showed a trend of opening low and moving high, reflecting that the real one button low-level buying is still very active

HuJiao started a steady upward trend after opening a little lower today, and the closing was almost at the high level of the day. The overall position continued to increase, reflecting that the bulls were still full of confidence in the rise after the May Day holiday

in terms of fundamentals, the recent market has continued to focus on two aspects: the delay in the selection of film tensile testing machine for domestic tapping and the reduction of stock in the exchange. The Tianjiao inventory announced in the previous period today decreased by 6645 tons again, which continued to expand the proportion of Shanghai Jiao's virtual and real offer, and also provided conditions for the further rebound of Shanghai Jiao to improve the guarantee capacity of new materials throughout

technically, after Shanghai Jiao broke through the medium-term decline channel the day before yesterday, the short-term EU member states have established a rebound of 200 plastic bags per capita per year. With today's closing at the 30 day moving average, the short-term technical strength of Shanghai Jiao is becoming more and more obvious. At present, the upper gear resistance of Shanghai rubber is at 22300 and 23000 respectively

in terms of operation, it is recommended to bargain above 21000 after the holiday

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