Robot market trend from self use to market

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Robot market trend: from self use to market

pioneer high tech (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is a well-known Japanese funded enterprise mainly producing precision optoelectronic products and devices such as HD Blu ray DVD recorder. For its own production needs, Pioneer has developed a series of small industrial robots, gradually improved robot products in recent years, and introduced them to the market through the China International Trade Fair

"starting from the 2015 Gabor, the products displayed by Pioneer have been replaced by industrial robots from electronic products such as DVD recorders. This year, we hope to bring the fourth generation robots with faster speed and higher accuracy to the market." Li Baoan, head of Sales Department of pioneer company, said

Li Baoan told that pioneer's optoelectronic products and devices are all exported, and its main industry has been developing well. However, in order to respond to the "machine replacement" advocated by Dongguan and solve the business pressure caused by the rise of labor costs, pioneer began to set up an automatic robot project team in 2011 and introduced the developed pioneertaxis series small industrial robots into its own production line in 2012. The application of robot has greatly improved the production efficiency and product quality of pioneer, and greatly reduced the manufacturing cost

since 2015, Pioneer has introduced its own industrial robots to the market, which has been surprisingly popular, with sales of nearly 20 million yuan in 2017. According to Li Baoan, compared with similar robot products in the market, Bayer expects the sales growth of its customer health business to reach 3% this year. Because pioneer mainly produces precision photoelectric products and devices, the robot it develops is more practical. In terms of cost performance, if the pioneer robot is applied, the cost can be recovered in about one year, and the speed is much faster than that of similar products

"at present, there are about 100 self-produced robots on our production line. Except that the first generation of machine products broke the long-term monopoly of foreign competitors, human technology comes from the Japanese parent company, the other three generations of technology are developed by local technology teams." Li Baoan said proudly

we can see that the pioneer's booth is full of all kinds of small robots, one of which is only the size of A4 paper. It is reported that this product is the smallest industrial robot in the welding industry. It is equipped with a camera, which can automatically track the position through the vision system and observe the working state in real time, so as to reduce the incidence of poor production. At the same time, enterprises can use computers to centrally control the robot and realize efficient automatic production at low cost

"the fair promotes 3. The demand of aviation and aerospace industry (national defense system) for experimental machines: 4. The demand of metallurgical industry for experimental machines: the function of industrial communication and attracting customers is obvious." Li Baoan said that there are many enterprises producing precision optoelectronic products and devices at the fair, and they have a great demand for robots specially produced by pioneers for the industry. After seeing pioneer robot products, many enterprises put forward many useful suggestions and promoted the improvement of products. Pioneer robot has developed to the fourth generation in just a few years. Pioneer has been sought after by enterprises in the Pearl River Delta at previous Gabor fairs. Dongguan KUSAI electronics, Huizhou Sony exquisite parts and other companies have purchased a number of pioneer robots

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