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Shanghai solicits AI application scenario solutions for the first time at home and abroad

China news, Shanghai, December 12 (Zheng Yingying, Guo Rong) the implementation plan for the construction of AI application scenarios in Shanghai was officially released on December 12, which is the first collection plan for the needs of AI application scenarios in China

Shanghai's top ten AI application scenarios, 19 specific point requirements and 60 AI innovative products are launched in a centralized manner, aiming to solicit solutions for global AI enterprises, break through the docking bottleneck between supply and demand, provide broad application scenarios for AI enterprises, and promote the first application of new technologies, new products and new models in Shanghai

Zhang Ying, chief engineer of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, pointed out that as a strategic technology leading the future, artificial intelligence is comprehensively empowering all walks of life and promoting the overall leap of social productivity. Based on the overall situation, Shanghai will strengthen planning, build a new smart city in the era of artificial intelligence, focus on the three dimensions of high-quality economic development, ensuring and improving people's livelihood and urban fine experiment speed: 5 mm/min and detailed management, and promote artificial intelligence technology to better serve the enhancement of industrial capability and core competitiveness, meet the needs of people's better life and improve the modernization level of social governance ability

it is reported that the top ten application scenario areas released in Shanghai from September 27 to October 2 highlight three characteristics. From the point of view, focus on the vertical application of AI in characteristic scenes, such as schools, hospitals, factories, families, etc., integrate various AI technologies and create an integrated solution; In terms of line, it reflects the innovative application of AI in specific industries, such as transportation, government affairs, security, finance, etc., and promotes AI to play a significant driving role in the industry. Generally speaking, the centralized application of AI across fields and industries, such as parks and communities, reflects the comprehensive empowerment of artificial intelligence to the region

60 AI innovative products were also released on site. Through the connection between supply and demand, The coating is resistant to hydrocarbon fire and has high fire resistance limit (the coating thickness is 2.27mm, which promotes the rapid development of artificial intelligence industry in Shanghai, accelerates the landing of a number of intelligent robots, intelligent hardware, intelligent software and intelligent driving products, and forms a new economic growth point. It is reported that Shanghai's goal is to build 6 demonstration areas for innovative application of artificial intelligence and 60 deep application scenarios of artificial intelligence by 2020, and make every effort to build a national highland for the development of artificial intelligence. (end)

(: Yang Xiufeng)

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