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Shenyang Transformer Group Co., Ltd.: see how to lock orders of 10billion yuan

hold orders to be performed for nearly 10billion yuan, add production orders of more than 3 billion yuan in 2010, and lock the overall contract target of 10billion yuan for the whole year! Compared with some enterprises that have "insufficient food" or even "no food" in the crisis, TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Co., Ltd. is quite "rich"

Shen Bian achieved a sales revenue of 850million yuan in the first quarter of this year. If the average daily output of each equipment can be increased to 10 kg (22 pounds) and a profit of 140million yuan, an increase of 23.3% and 154% year-on-year respectively

early - seek the momentum and seize the opportunity

at present, some enterprises are worried about orders and don't know what to do, while Shen Bian is busy with full production. According to Luo Jun, deputy general manager, Shen Bian has completed orders for the second year in the middle of the previous year for three consecutive years, and the production task of this year was already full as early as April and may last year. "What we do this year is to solve the problem of eating next year."

thinking about tomorrow today and doing next year's work this year has become a common way of business development in Shenyang. "Grasp the market and prevent risks", Shenyang Transformer Substation concentrated on stabilizing the original market, actively exploring emerging markets, seizing high-end markets, closely tracking the construction planning of national power, southern power and five major power sources, and scientifically planning the direction of product structure adjustment of Shenyang Transformer Substation in response to the project needs to be launched this year and next year

after winning the bid for two large-scale hydropower projects in Jinping, Sichuan and Nuozhadu, Yunnan, with an amount of nearly 700million yuan, Shenyang substation successfully signed the national key project of "west to East power transmission" - the world's first plus or minus 660 kV DC transmission project from Ningdong to Shandong, with a total contract amount of more than 600million yuan; After taking the lead in Liaoning Hongyanhe million kilowatt nuclear power project and officially entering the nuclear power market, Shen Bian won the bid for Guangdong Yangjiang nuclear power project, successfully became the leading supplier of nuclear power in China, and strive to make its supporting capacity account for 40% of the national nuclear power capacity under construction, firmly occupying the leading position in the industry

while seizing the country to stimulate domestic demand, the sales and customer service team of more than 200 people in Shenyang substation is active in domestic and foreign markets, and the high-end markets such as the United States and Europe have been effectively expanded

accurate - choose the right way to deal with the crisis

SHEN Bian clearly realized that to build a 10 billion enterprise, it is far from enough to rely on single machines and old markets alone, and greater breakthroughs must be made in complete sets, supporting facilities and high-end markets

according to the plan, Shenbian will get orders of about 90million euros in India this year, and the order volume in the U.S. market in the first half of the year is more than 20million dollars. In addition, the complete sets and supporting projects of Shenyang substation in Iraq, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries and regions are also advancing steadily. In the annual contract order target of 10 billion yuan of Shen Bian this year, the total order volume of complete sets of products will exceed 3 billion yuan

before UV curing, major projects at home and abroad with such a large number and weight need world-class technology and world-class product PLGA, which is easy to process and has controllable degradation rate. Since the establishment of the new company in 2004, Shenbian has never slowed down the pace of technological transformation. Invest 2billion yuan to launch the third phase of the technical transformation project in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, so that the strategic layout of the power transmission and transformation industrial park with the largest one-time investment, the largest production capacity and the highest voltage level in the world has finally been realized. It will reach full capacity in June this year, and it can increase the production capacity of Shenyang substation by 50% that year

independent innovation is another specialty of Shen Bian. Shen Bian, with the reputation of "home of the first set", invests at least 6% of its sales revenue in scientific and technological research and development every year. Shen Bian also integrates two UHV product development bases in Shenyang and Hengyang to build a research and development team composed of domestic and foreign academicians, discipline leaders and young and middle-aged R & D personnel. The strong financial support and technical team have accelerated the pace of independent innovation of Shenyang substation, and a world-class product came out in less than two months on average

stable - review the "market" and move to maintain vitality

with the continuous improvement of enterprise innovation ability, Shen Bian has gradually separated from the fully competitive market with low scientific and technological content and low added value, and turned to the high-end market in an all-round way. However, under the situation that the crisis affected the whole world, Shen Bian began to "pick up the leftovers and make up for the deficiencies", that is, to pick up the middle and low-end market that originally gave up the so-called three closed-loop control of displacement control, so as to ensure that enterprises can survive this difficulty smoothly

in the crisis game, Shen Bian's flexibility is far more than that

tracking the market and aiming at the demand, Shenyang Transformer constantly adjusts the product structure. The high-speed development and long-term technical accumulation have made the conditions for Shenyang transformer to become a complete set of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing enterprise mature day by day, and has made breakthroughs in many fields such as transformer production. In addition to the exciting report card, Shen Bian has also grasped a plan card that carries more hope: winning the bid for the Anhui east power transmission UHV project can get orders of 500 million to 600 million yuan; Winning the bid for the UHV DC transmission project from Jinping to southern Jiangsu can get orders of 700 million to 800 million yuan; The Xiluodu DC power transmission project of the west to East power transmission project won the bid of China Southern Power Company can get orders of 800 million yuan to 900 million yuan... Plan ahead and make clear the layout. What Shen bianren is busy with is always the future

think early, move fast, aim standard, and act steadily. Shen Bian's usual actions, which are not abstruse, are applicable to any enterprise at any time

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