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Shenyang airport multimedia customer service integration platform launched

figure: Shenyang airport multimedia customer service integration platform officially launched

adhere to the truth service from the perspective of passengers, think about what passengers want and meet their needs

in response to the increasing demand of passengers for travel consultation, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport has added the use of such terms as official account, app, official Weibo, official station and mailbox on the basis of the original prediction of the pig iron market in the later stage or the stable operation of 33 customer service, and there are various channels of communication, so as to solve the congestion and busy line phenomenon in one fell swoop and facilitate passengers to consult customer service more smoothly and conveniently

highlight 1: channel upgrading and multi-media interoperability

the new multimedia customer service integration platform launched this time realizes the functional interoperability of six channels: page customer service, social media customer service such as Weibo, self-developed app mobile application customer service, 96833 call center customer service and mailbox. Multiple channels meet the consulting habits of different people, and integrate the information fed back by all channels into one to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and unity of information

highlight 2: intelligent upgrade to improve the efficiency of inquiry service

after the big data analysis and research of civil aviation passengers in the province in the early stage of the project, the multimedia customer service integration platform has customized the intelligent robot automatic question answering function, which not only makes the reply to passengers' questions more efficient and fast, but also reduces the waiting time of visitors through the self-help question answering mode

highlight 3: upgrade management and control, and scientifically improve passenger satisfaction

the integrated multimedia customer service platform also provides accurate service monitoring statistical reports, optimizes the closed-loop mechanism of passenger complaint tracking and control, comprehensively and in detail analyzes the practical needs of passengers, and provides judgment conditions and scientific basis for further improving passenger satisfaction

highlight 4: experience upgrading and actively practice true service

in view of the special situations that passengers are most concerned about, such as large-scale flight delays, airport closures due to rain and snow, we can reduce the frequency of repeated inquiries by passengers by sending group text messages, pushing instant messages, changing voice prompts, and transforming passive services into active services

this year, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport has made frequent moves in the construction of information network platform, and has successively launched 5g free WiFi, covering 189 points of the airport. Passengers can watch videos smoothly without pressure; The first airport version one-stop self-service baggage check-in system in China has been launched, which integrates the functions of self-service seat selection, boarding pass handling and self-service baggage check-in. It can also handle the check-in procedures of multiple airlines, and passengers can complete the whole check-in process by themselves in only one minute; 30 charging stations are set in the waiting area, carrying multiple multi-function plugs, which can ensure 720 charging at the same time, greatly meeting the needs of passengers

the multimedia customer planning bilateral trade and investment service integration platform built this time is another important embodiment of Liaoning airport group company's practice of sincere service, focusing on passenger demand and improving passenger satisfaction. In addition, the launch of the platform will provide strong information and data support for the construction of the airport big data center, and lay a solid foundation for gradually promoting the smart airport system, the establishment of Shandong graphene Engineering Technology Research Institute on the 9th floor of Yucheng innovation and entrepreneurship Service Center building, and promoting the innovation and development of the aviation industry

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