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Shenyang Baige - Cartesian coordinate robot leads the market

in November 2007, the International Industrial Expo opened in Shanghai. The products of Shenyang Baige company were greatly different at the exhibition, and its new Cartesian coordinate robot showed its strength in leading the market

Shenyang Baige robot Co., Ltd. has become a well-known robot manufacturer in China with its superb technology and outstanding industry contributions, and is determined to build "Shenyang Baige" into a national famous brand. In 1996, bagra robot was introduced into the Chinese market and successfully served various industries. Shenyang Baige robot Co., Ltd. is actively trying to improve the competitive strength of Chinese enterprises with the most suitable products, the most exquisite technology and the most considerate service

bagra is one of the most famous robot suppliers in the world, producing various specifications of linear motion units, stepping motors, AC servo motors, linear motors and multi axis CNC systems. Tens of thousands of linear motion units of various specifications, two-dimensional and three-dimensional standard robots and user specific robots from bagra are distributed on the production lines of the world's largest international rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia, which opened in Guangzhou from May 20 to 23, 2015. Perform welding, handling, loading and unloading, packaging, stacking, destacking, detection, flaw detection, classification, assembly, labeling, code spraying, gluing, cutting and a series of work. All parts of the robot are produced by bagra, which makes the overall performance of the robot more excellent. It is highly praised by packaging machinery, printing machinery, automobile industry, food production industry, pharmaceutical production industry, electronic industry, machine manufacturing industry, cosmetics production and other industries. In various industries, although bagra robot has also developed various small panel operation changes, it seems that the long-term stability, high flexibility, efficiency, economy and intelligence standards created by the hydrolysis and chemical change control system and production line have become the pursuit goals of the international industry. The special robots and production lines provided by bagra company can improve their competitiveness by replacing and adjusting some linear motion units and combinations, and changing CNC software, so as to meet the higher requirements of future updates

bagra robot system integrates head frame, tail frame, guide rail, toothed belt, motor and reducer, which reduces the design workload of engineers and the workload and professional requirements of installation workers. The mass and professional production of the guide rail ensures the quality of the guide rail reliably, and the use quality of the guide rail will not be different due to the different level of technicians in each factory. The aluminum alloy fully enclosed structure is adopted outside the guide rail, which improves the protection grade of the heavy rail, and the shape is very beautiful. The weight of the aluminum profile is very light, which reduces the quality of four functional film customization production lines imported from France and Japan, and minimizes the impact of high-speed movement on the machinery. Various combined structures of two-dimensional and three-dimensional guide rails basically meet the motion requirements of three-dimensional space, giving customers more choice. It can adapt to the higher requirements of future updates by replacing and adjusting some linear motion units and combinations, and changing software

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