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Shenyang manufacturing equipment China accelerates the construction of a world-class equipment manufacturing base

the bright sunshine in early winter shines on the area closely connected between the Shenxi industrial corridor and the sea entrance of Yingkou port. The red, yellow and black of forklifts, cranes and steel structure plants are building a new picture of modern industry connecting the sea

driving along Shenxi Avenue in the industrial corridor, you can see that Shengu group, the world's fourth largest compressor manufacturer, has just joined hands with PetroChina and Sinopec, and is moving forward at full speed to build China's largest general machinery production base on a world scale

not far from Shen Gu is Shenyang Machine Tool Group, which is striving to build the largest CNC machine tool production base in China

there are also Shen hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine, which have successfully entered the top market of German curtain wall and successfully exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark in annual sales. A brief description of the differences between Yang private enterprise Yuanda Group; As well as Sany Heavy Industry, TBEA Shenyang substation, JAC automobile, locomotive and rolling stock...

ten minutes' drive, the names of China's top equipment manufacturing enterprises appeared in front of us in turn

of course, there is also American Prolog logistics, the world's largest logistics distributor and service provider, which will synchronously introduce nearly 30 world-class enterprises in its European and American parks to Shenyang. The entry of the world's top logistics seems to interpret such an important message for us: today, Shenyang has not only recovered its former king style, but also will compete with the world's top manufacturing in the world's attention

"double demonstration areas" solve the world problem

the adjustment and transformation of old industrial bases is a world problem

old industrial areas such as Ruhr in Germany, the "rust belt" in the United States, and duckland in the United Kingdom have spent 10 to 3spi to say that they have only solved the "dead knot" of development for more than 0 years

as an old industrial zone in Shenyang, Tiexi, after experiencing the abnormal "desolation" in the process of China's transformation from a planned economy to a market economy, has explored a Chinese style reform road in only five years to achieve the purpose of enabling the oil to flow back in reverse

in response, Lijian, member of the Standing Committee of the Shenyang municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Tiexi District Party committee, said: "Tiexi District, according to the requirements of the Shenyang municipal Party committee and the municipal government, continues to accelerate the construction of equipment manufacturing agglomeration areas, comprehensively develop the Shenxi industrial corridor, strive to build a world-class brand of Chinese equipment manufacturing, and build a world-class equipment manufacturing industry cluster."

the changes in Shenyang's old industrial base, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, are striking. This year, Tiexi alone is expected to achieve a regional GDP of 46.7 billion yuan, 3.64 times that of 2002, with an average annual growth of 29.5%, and the per capita GDP has quadrupled that of 2002; The total output value of industries above designated size is 120.5 billion yuan; The direct utilization of foreign capital is 700million US dollars

Shenyang has jumped out of industry to see industry, followed the law of industrial development with a world perspective, and achieved a fission

the great changes in Shenyang's old industrial base have been fully affirmed by all parties in the country. On June 9 this year, when the national development and Reform Commission and the Northeast Revitalization Office of the State Council awarded Shenyang the title of "Tiexi old industrial base adjustment and transformation and equipment manufacturing development demonstration zone", Zhang Guobao, director of the Northeast Revitalization Office of the State Council, commented: "the changes in Tiexi are a microcosm of the achievements of the strategy of revitalizing the northeast old industrial base."

"double demonstration areas" thus became a contact point, instantly detonating the development potential of Shenyang old industrial base to build a modern equipment manufacturing base with new mechanisms

shield machine, as one of the 16 major equipment developed by the state, has always been highly valued by the state. North heavy industry, one of the "leaders" of Shenyang equipment manufacturing enterprises, has been involved in the development of shield machines since 2003. At the beginning of its entry, it took the lead in developing shield machine technology at the height of the world. In June, 2006, Beifang heavy industry signed a contract with Beijing urban construction group to soon produce the largest shield machine with a diameter of 11.97m in China for the Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong Tunnel

two months ago, NORINCO successfully acquired NFM company of France, a German holding company with well-known brands and core technologies, in the form of absolute holding. It has the brand core technology of shield machine of the world-famous company, and closely cooperates with NFM company of France, which masters the world's most advanced shield machine technology, to realize transnational operation at one stroke. North heavy industry has become the first enterprise in China that can produce all three types of shield machines

in contrast, the comprehensive index of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone has surpassed the development zones of developed coastal cities such as Hangzhou and Ningbo. The comprehensive ranking of 54 national development zones in the country has jumped from 16th in 2002 to 10th, realizing a historic leap, and has entered the "first group" in the country two years ahead of the scheduled goal

industrial agglomeration effect broke out in old industrial areas

looking back, the former Tiexi "workers' resort" had a debt ratio of 90% for state-owned enterprises and a total debt of 26billion yuan. It was not until 2002 that Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry, moving silently forward, suddenly found that the spring sun was so bright

in that year, the Shenyang municipal Party committee and government summarized the development experience and lessons of the old industrial base in the past ten years, and made the decision to integrate regional advantages and implement the joint office of Tiexi District and Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone

according to the 10 word policy of "relocation, integration, transformation, upgrading, employment", starting with the implementation of "moving east with a resolution of 1 point and building west", the old industrial zone has solved the historical problem of "where money comes from and where people go". During the five years, a total of 239 enterprises were relocated in Tiexi, and more than 14 billion yuan of land income was obtained to solve the problems left over by the history of state-owned enterprises and support the development of enterprises

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