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Shenyang implements market access for food packaging containers

according to the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, the market access system for 39 kinds of plastic packaging containers and tools for food will be launched in the near future. According to the arrangement, in the next two years, the quality inspection department will gradually implement the market access system for products such as food packaging containers and tools made of all materials such as metal paper and ceramics, and provide samples to multiple testing machines with one mechanical arm

according to the requirements of the market access system, enterprises must specify the product use methods and precautions on the product label instructions to ensure that the products can be used correctly. Enterprises that have passed the market access examination may use the "QS" mark on the product packaging. At the same time, the quality inspection department also made corresponding requirements for food production enterprises, that is, they shall not use plastic food packaging containers and tools without production licenses in food production. (sunmingxin)

information source: Shenyang

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