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Shenyang equipment manufacturing enterprises issued the "big order" of Naxian against the trend

coping with the financial crisis and seeking to catch up from behind

many large and medium-sized equipment manufacturing enterprises in Shenyang recently issued the "big order" of Naxian against the trend, attracting hundreds of college students from all over the world to apply for jobs in just a few days

on February 10, Yang Hong, a Hebei young man who graduated from Lanzhou University, submitted his resume at Shenyang North transportation heavy industry group. Yang Hong said to him, "it's hard to find a job in Shanghai and Guangdong now. I once found a sales job in Beijing, but it's not the same as the production management major I learned. I'm very confident in this job in Shenyang."

the private enterprise northern communications heavy industry publicly recruited 40 outstanding talents, including deputy general managers. Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. also organized a large talent recruitment fair on February 7, to recruit 120 graduate students and 500 workers

at the Symposium of state-owned enterprises held by Shenyang labor department on February 6, it was noted that in the face of the international financial crisis, several leading enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry not only did not lay off staff, but also significantly "increased imports". Gaohongren, head of the human resources department of North heavy industry Shenzhong group, said, "with the expansion of production and operation scale and the relocation and transformation of enterprises this year, we still need to recruit about 500 people, including 180 college graduates and graduate students and about 320 skilled workers. Recruiting these employees is to reserve strength for our future development." Shenfei group not only plans to raise the wages of employees in the first quarter of this year, but also doubled the number of employees than the original plan of 390

affected by the financial crisis, some enterprises in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta have reduced the recruitment of new employees and even layoffs, but Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry has bucked the trend and recruited large-scale troops. Where is the confidence

according to statistics, Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry above Designated Size achieved an added value of 80billion yuan in 2008, an increase of 23.2% over the previous year, and its proportion in the industry rose to 46.6%. Among them, only iron 9 The steel wire torque tester is equipped with a small angle device, and the equipment manufacturing industry in the western region realized a profit of 3 billion yuan, an increase of 90% year-on-year. "For the enterprises that have mastered independent intellectual property rights and are in the leading position in the industry, opportunities far outweigh crises." Said wangchangxu, executive vice president of TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group. Shen Bian signed orders of more than 1billion yuan in January this year, based on its strong independent research and development ability. He said: "Shen Bian had full orders in 2009, and now it has begun to take orders in 2010 and 2011."

according to statistics, in 2008 alone, Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry added 28 world-class products such as full face roadheader. At the beginning of this year, the compressor unit for cracking gas used in the million ton ethylene plant of Shenyang Blower Group Company was successfully assembled. This large-scale equipment ordered by Tianjin Petrochemical fills the domestic gap, and only three countries in the world can manufacture it. Deng Changhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Shengu group, said, "we are going to enter the new field of high-end products and use world-class products to cope with the world financial crisis." These may explain the internal motivation of Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry

Lin Muxi, Dean of the school of economics of Liaoning University, said in an interview: "The impact of the financial crisis on China's real economy is increasingly apparent, and Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry is no exception. But this is a moment when Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry turns crisis into opportunity. Now, Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry has a lot of room for development. First, since last year, Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry has a rapid development momentum, and has its own market advantages compared with the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Second, the current state attaches great importance to infrastructure construction In particular, the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, which was reviewed and approved in principle at the recent executive meeting of the State Council, will further promote the experimental research on the fatigue resistance of metal materials, which is known as the "machine tool". It is of practical significance for the equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate independent innovation, get rid of import dependence, and promote the upgrading of industrial structure. In Shenyang, many equipment manufacturing enterprises are import substitutes, and there is huge room for development. In addition, before the financial crisis, our enterprises hired people with high salaries, but now they can recruit talents with low and medium salaries. This is also an opportunity for enterprises to reserve talents, and pay attention to rust prevention and oxidation prevention. "

the data of the current analysis of occupational supply and demand in the human resources market also proves the inevitability of Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry to "counter the trend and accept talents". The recruitment rate is the ratio of the number of people required in the labor market to the number of job seekers. At present, the recruitment rate (the ratio of the number of labor market demand to the number of job seekers) of technicians, senior technicians and senior skilled personnel in Shenyang is large, which are 6.13, 7.79 and 2.99 respectively. Gao Fengxiang, a senior career information analyst, interpreted this: the structural contradiction of the shortage of skilled talents is mainly manifested in the industries of high-end manufacturing, aerospace, automobile and parts manufacturing, machine tool and parts manufacturing

Liu Zhan, a Shenyang native who has worked in Guangdong for five years, went bankrupt. This time, he chose Shenyang as his foothold. At the beginning of this year, Liu Zhan applied for an engineer in a private machine tool factory. He said to him, "Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry has a great future, and it's good to go home."

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