Determination of acid value and flash point of the

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Determination of acid value flash point of AGS ester plasticizers

plasticizers are a kind of additives used in the production of PVC products, which can significantly improve the processability of PVC, improve plasticity, increase tensile strength, elongation, etc. Over the years, many scholars at home and abroad have made a lot of research on the comprehensive utilization of dicarboxylic acid, such as alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel) and cold working die projet MJP 5600, which allow customers to distribute different material mixtures into different shells in a single component. However, they are rarely industrialized due to the application of glutaric acid. Therefore, the development and utilization of glutaric acid is of great practical significance. Glutaric acid alkyl ester equipment enterprises are mainly used for PVC plasticizers. The results show that glutaric acid, as an odd carbon dibasic acid, has better plasticizer properties than diacid esters

the cold resistant auxiliary plasticizer prepared from Liaohua by-product Mixed Dicarboxylic Acid (AGS) has better compatibility with PVC than that imported from external suppliers. It is evenly dispersed in the polymer and has the advantages of high plasticizing efficiency and good low temperature performance. However, there are still some problems to be solved, such as dark color, low flash point, poor migration resistance and so on. In this paper, a certain number of plasticizer samples were prepared from mixed dicarboxylic acid, and the separation and purification of plasticizer samples and the improvement of flash point and color were studied

source: China's plastics industry

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