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Shenyang machine tool from the first in New China to the first in the world

Shenyang machine tool from the first in New China to the first in the world

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original title: Shenyang machine tool from the first in new China to the first in the world

"unforgettable Tiexi Industrial Memory" series report VIII

sculpture: "machine tool 1970" location: Yunfeng street, Jianshe Road

Tiexi, As an old industrial base, it has created more than 100 "firsts" in the industry of new China. There is a sculpture in Tiexi District, which records this brilliance. It is the "machine tool 1970" located on Yunfeng street, Jianshe Road. This sculpture is based on the common lathe with cu163 ± 45 ° and horizontal position outside the zero position produced by Shenyang machine tool factory in the 1970s, which represents the advanced machine tool level of our country at that time

in the 1970s and 1980s, Shenyang accounted for three of the "Eighteen Arhats" in China's machine tool industry, including Shenyang No.1 Machine Tool Plant, Zoje friendship plant and Shenyang No.3 machine tool plant. Therefore, Shenyang is also known as the "hometown of Chinese machine tools"

the first metal national emblem of new China, the first belt lathe of new China, the first ordinary lathe, the first drilling machine... In the more than 100 new China Industries created in the old industrial base of Tiexi, "it also provides a development opportunity for the automobile to select balance precision materials according to the weighing accuracy. I", machine tools have left a heavy mark in the history of industrial development of new China. As the "mother machine" of manufacturing industry, machine tool industry is the cornerstone of the whole manufacturing industry. Machine tool industry is a national basic and strategic industry, which is crucial to the development of national industry. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, machine tool technology has been constantly upgraded and improved. Shenyang machine tool, a former giant, is also on the road of revitalization to let employees do a good job in the upgrading of the protection industry, especially breaking through the underlying technology of motion control, and successfully developing an intelligent and interconnected CNC system - "i5" intelligent control system, which gave birth to the world's first intelligent machine tool

"first" represents the peak time, and "first" is also the driving force for moving forward. From the first place in New China at that time to the first place in the world today, the miracle of machine tools continues... Shenyang evening news, Shen Bao financial media Wang Xiaoting


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