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Shenyang Machine Tool i5 intelligent machine tool sold 18000 units in 2016

at a time when the overall market scale of the domestic machine tool industry was declining, Shenyang Machine Tool i5 intelligent machine tool bucked the trend and gained 18000 orders in 2016, an increase of 183% year-on-year. At present, with the continuous influx of machine replacement, i5 intelligent machine tools are becoming a new weapon for the transformation and upgrading of some small and medium-sized enterprises

in the production workshop of a leading enterprise in the valve industry in Handan, Hebei Province, the excellent performance of i5 intelligent machine tool was strongly praised by enterprises. Gaohongwei, the boss of the enterprise, said that in the past, a worker could produce valves using traditional machine tools per unit time. 3 There are 200 dirt cover products in the oil delivery valve, which are replaced by i5 intelligent machine tools, and the output per unit time is 800. Intelligent machine tools can increase the overall production efficiency of enterprises by 60% on average! The boss of the enterprise repeatedly lamented that the enterprise had seized the first opportunity for the development of intelligent manufacturing

like this enterprise, it is also affected by the dividends of i5 intelligent machine tools by Xuchang, Henan, a trump enterprise in the domestic automotive transmission shaft industry. As the largest transmission shaft production base of heavy-duty commercial vehicles in China, since last year, the enterprise has also faced the pain of transformation and upgrading. How to complete the most orders in the shortest time has become the biggest problem for the boss of this enterprise. By chance, the arrival of i5 intelligent machine tools not only allows enterprises to reduce labor costs, but also reduces the production capacity instability caused by human factors that have plagued enterprises for many years. At present, the production line, which used to be looked after by eight people, can be completed by only one person, and the production capacity is guaranteed. They calculated an account. According to the annual cost of supporting an employee of 60000 yuan, one line of i5 intelligent manufacturing production line can help enterprises save more than 80% of labor costs

in addition to helping enterprises reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, the machining accuracy and stability of i5 intelligent machine tools have also greatly improved the level of product orders of an enterprise in Tangshan. A traditional manufacturing enterprise that mainly produces automobile clutch shells, transmission shells and other products. In the past, it mainly made automobile clutch shells and transmission shell parts for domestic light-duty vehicles and pickup trucks. After the establishment of the i5 intelligent machine tool automation production line, the enterprise received the latest Supporting orders for clutch housing parts of the most advanced models

nowadays, many small and medium-sized enterprises in China are facing the problem of financial difficulties. Waves of large orders from major customers have spawned the purchase demand of many small and medium-sized enterprises for processing equipment. How can we easily use high-level processing equipment without investing a lot of money? The new business model proposed by Shenyang machine tool has opened up a new way for the financial leasing of machine tools, and many enterprises are optimistic about this leasing model and pay for it

a leading enterprise in the domestic glass mold industry in Hebei has signed a cooperation agreement on equipment leasing with Shenyang machine tool, and nearly 100 i5 machine tool products used by the enterprise are purchased in the leasing mode. Just like buying a house, you can also pay the down payment for machine tools first, and then pay the equipment payment on a monthly basis, which is very convenient. Business owners benefit greatly from the machine tool leasing business. Another Hebei auto parts supporting enterprise signed an equipment leasing contract with Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. due to its limited working capital when purchasing i5 equipment. When purchasing, it paid 30% of the equipment payment first, and the rest was paid in the form of monthly payment. In this way, the enterprise reduced the pressure of loans, and the saved funds were invested in product research and development

Ma Shaoyan, deputy general manager of Shenyang Machine Tool Unis Industrial Service Co., Ltd., told that at present, 70% of the new orders of Shenyang Machine Tool i5 machine tools favor the leasing mode. Users can pay by time, by value or by the number of workpieces after choosing to rent the machine tools. The leasing mode greatly reduces the one-time investment of user enterprises in purchasing equipment, and also leaves enough capital space for user enterprises to maximize production capacity

Shenyang machine tool, which has repeatedly made breakthroughs in new business models, and the i5 new ecological intelligent manufacturing industrial service model based on independent technology, are also gaining widespread attention in the industry. At the beginning of this year, Hongli bearing in Quzhou County, Hebei Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenyang machine tool and obtained demonstration utilization in high-temperature gas separation. In the future, i5 intelligent manufacturing demonstration park will be established in Quzhou County, and it is committed to building a made in China 2025 demonstration base for the local bearing industry in China

at present, Shenyang machine tool has opened 15 intelligent factories with customers in Shenzhen, Hebei, Henan and other places, providing whole process services from machine tool equipment to production line design. Li Xiaolei, deputy general manager of Shenyang Machine Tool Unis Industrial Service Co., Ltd., told that since many governments across the country are currently exploring the model project of building a made in China 2025 demonstration base, the smart factory scheme proposed by Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has been significantly welcomed by the stock price fluctuations of relevant companies in the political and corporate capital markets. As of November last year, hundreds of domestic enterprises, including auto parts, bearings, valves, electronics and other industries, were interested in the smart factory model of Shenyang machine tool. Now Shenyang machine tool has signed 25 smart factory construction agreements with local governments and enterprise users, and dozens of others are in intensive negotiations

the new business model of financial leasing launched by i5 core technology, intelligent machine tool products, intelligent factories, cloud platform manufacturing and combined with finance. The organic integration of these elements has formed the real i5 strategy proposed by Shenyang machine tool. From creating productivity to allocating production factors, from changing the production mode to subverting the traditional business model, through the excellent performance of i5 intelligent machine tools in Chinese manufacturing enterprises, i5 strategy is bringing new content to China's future 600kN Universal Experimental intelligent manufacturing, which you originally planned to choose 6 grades, and becoming the representative of China's new economy. Romandbent, chairman of the German Electrotechnical Commission, believes that the practice of Shenyang machine tool is a practical example of industry 4.0 in China

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