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Shenyang Machine Tool Group invested more than 1 billion yuan to build a numerical control machine tool base. The substantial income brought by the municipal financing has doubled the confidence of Shenyang Machine Tool Group to launch 20 new operating robots

recently, the group decided to raise funds through non-public issuance of a shares. Chinese plastic machine enterprises have expanded the way of opening up emerging markets for extruders to raise funds in recent years, and invested more than 1 billion yuan in the core technology development projects of CNC machine tools

recently, Shenyang Machine Tool announced that the company plans to privately issue A-shares to raise funds. The company plans to privately issue no more than 200 million shares (including 200 million shares), and the total amount of funds raised is no more than 2152.5 million yuan. In addition to the repayment of 600million yuan of bank loan projects, the rest will be used to complete the overall improvement of its own CNC machine tool industry

in addition to its own project construction, Shenyang machine tool has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., which marks the establishment of a new strategic cooperation relationship between China's leading enterprises in the use of machine tools or acrylic plates and world-renowned enterprises, and will carry out in-depth technical cooperation

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