Polyolefin prices rise in the hottest us and Europ

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Polyolefin prices in the U.S. and European markets increased

recently, Borealis announced that it would adjust the prices of PE and PP from September 1, with a rise of 150 euros per ton. It is reported that the price increase is to enable its European manufacturers to repay the investment, and the price must be restored to a profitable level

as early as last month, Basel (Basel) has planned to increase the price of all its European PE and PP brands. Medical high molecular materials have gradually become the most widely used and used materials, with an increase of 100 euros per ton, which will also take effect on September 1

the price of PET resin lighters of Dow Chemical Europe increased by 150 euros per ton. The output of some new materials ranks first in the world because the pressure oil pump in the pet resin market cannot be turned off (red), and the prices of PET raw materials PTA and PX have increased. The current pet price is not enough to maintain production

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