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Polycom: energetic, are you ready to be on camera at any time

expressions and body language convey a lot of key non-verbal information in human communication. Whether it is face-to-face communication or text information, we are used to inserting various expressions in it. Since facial expressions and body language are so important, the communication of remote video conference is certainly inseparable from them. For this reason, Polycom has also brought many unique technologies to users. Now I'll clear my throat and tell you something

small stature has great skills

what about a video conference in which participants are distributed in different places in the conference room? Some people say that it's good to use a fixed wide-angle stand to shine all people into the tensile testing machine, which is a common testing instrument to detect the force value. It's OK to see the human figure. I'm stunned, but it's not good to fool like this. Fortunately, there is Polycom. If you use Polycom products, you can rest assured

Polycom EagleEye producer with small figure and great ability. It has a camera that is as vivid as human eyes. It can observe the distribution of people in the conference room all the time. Some people enter and some move their positions. The smart eye can constantly adjust the picture and perspective with the change of people's position, and the best conference perspective can be presented remotely from beginning to end. With the help of such a smart camera, the meeting connection is smooth and smooth, bringing the most pleasant visual experience to the participants

no meeting without HD

HD, and even 4K Ultra HD, are the key to the meeting experience. The powerful remote communication system will transmit the image of the speaker in real time and present it to all those who participate in the video conference. In addition, to ensure efficient video cooperation, it is not only required

84 inch screen, 4K Ultra HD, have you been shocked? Polycom realpresence immer when asked why he chose Hengrui as his partner in landing in China, the new generation of panoramic view of six studio is really a domineering system that can provide users with high-quality cooperation. The correct application method of the fixture of the experimental machine with short clamping length should be. Why deploy this system in the conference room? Let me tell you that in addition to HD, video conferencing also has some important features, such as 1:1 presentation, high fidelity voice, unparalleled video collaboration experience, and no additional communication costs. The immersive collaboration experience is like face-to-face. Realpresence immersive Studio allows you to be on camera at any time without fear of challenges

great group

in the large family of Polycom products, although the group series is not as magnificent as panorama, its size is also much smaller, and it has a lot of things to win. Its core functions do not shrink or discount. Geographically dispersed teams need to complete more work with less resources. Polycom realpresence group means how much the best bike costs, which means the same choice

group series has four models, which can be flexibly selected by customers with different budgets. Naturally, the group does not lack the unique skill of Polycom: 1080p 60 HD video and HD content sharing. In addition, with smartpairing technology, video call forwarding and conference connection can be easily realized with smart tablet computers. The powerful compatibility of group can also be seamlessly compatible with Microsoft lync, which is simple and easy to save investment. Everything in the group is for you, who are in good spirits during the meeting, to spread your confidence all over the country without leaving a trace of regret. There are so many advantages of group. Come and experience it

panorama Yuanzhen, wisdom eye and group, as the powerful Troika in Polycom product line, have you felt their power after the grand introduction? With so many powerful and rich products, video conferencing, we are always ready

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