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Extrusion honing: also known as abrasive flow machining, this process method is a new process that uses a semi-solid grinding abrasive to make the abrasive move back and forth on the surface of the machined parts under the action of the extrusion honing machine, grind and polish various cavities, cross apertures and edges of the parts, and chamfer corners to remove burrs

extrusion honing uses abrasives with different particle sizes and viscosities. Under the action of extrusion pressure, selecting appropriate process parameters can improve the surface roughness of parts by 2-3 levels after honing minutes on the basis of the original surface roughness, the maximum roughness can reach 0.05, and the accuracy can be controlled at the micron level

extrusion honing can not only grind, polish and chamfer the surface of parts, but also grind and polish the surface of oil cylinder and upper cavity of various molds such as extrusion die, wire drawing die and cold stamping die

application range

1. Honing and polishing the surface of complex cavities such as various raw material molds, stretching molds, profile extrusion molds, injection molds, etc

2. It is more scientific and operable for concealed cross holes, special-shaped holes, step holes and various standards with complex internal shapes on parts; 4. Honing and polishing of parts with stricter restrictive requirements

3. Machines that can remove the surface hardening after EDM or laser processing and carry out mechanical testing on these materials have also been widely concerned about layer and micro defects

4. Honing and polishing can be carried out on copper, aluminum, quenched steel, ceramics, cemented carbide and non-metallic parts

5. This machine tool can be widely used in medicine, aviation and metallurgy. Follow the technical personnel of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to see the working environment of the spring fatigue testing machine and the usual protection of the equipment: gold, manufacturing, electronics, textile and other fields

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