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Polyamide to meet the needs of extreme applications

as one of the world's leading suppliers of thermoplastic engineering plastics, DSM Engineering Plastics Department provides customers with a variety of high-performance product combinations, including stanyl 46 polyamide, akulon single 6 polyamide, arnitel thermoplastic elastomer, arnite PBT and PET polyester. These materials have been used in many automotive technology components. In this year's Chinaplas exhibition, we not only launched some new products, but also showed customers some innovative applications

one of the proud innovative applications is the turnover valve produced by using the in mold assembly technology, which uses our stanyl PA 46 resin. As an integral part of the intake manifold, the function of the inverted valve is to optimize the fluidity of the air in the combustion chamber, so that the air fuel can be diffused faster and more evenly, so as to speed up the combustion speed, improve the combustion efficiency, and finally improve the performance of the engine and reduce the fuel consumption of the car. The overturned valve we showed this time is produced by in mold assembly technology for the first time. Compared with the traditional production process that requires machining and assembly, this technology is full of challenges. Because it completes the forming and assembly of components at one time, its manufacturing cost is significantly reduced. At present, the inverted valve seat in many famous new automobile engines is made from our stanyl PA 46

styl diblo ocd2100 launched by DSM engineering plastics has long-term heat stability,

can work normally at a high temperature of 230 ℃ for more than 3000 hours

in this innovative application challenge, it is mainly reflected in the extremely high requirements for materials. First of all, in terms of final application, the selected materials must ensure that the two components on the overturned valve can move freely, especially when the engine is running at high speed, when the temperature reaches 150 ℃, it can still maintain such free movement, and ensure the reliability of this movement state throughout the service life of the engine. In addition, the wear resistance and friction reduction properties of materials are also very important. Because when the engine is running, it often produces high frequency and high load, which means that the overturned valve seat often works under such high load. Good wear resistance and friction reduction performance are very important to the life of the component itself and the life of the engine. Secondly, the materials used in the in mold assembly molding technology must be able to ensure the smooth implementation of the process. In other words, in the process of forming, the material is required to show excellent rigidity at high temperature, so as to ensure that the first formed component can be re formed with the second material without deformation, and there is no bonding between the two materials

for this application, we selected stanyl, and then dried the necessary optimization treatment by making the gauze unable to absorb moisture, which improved its rigidity and friction performance, so as to meet the needs of this application. Undoubtedly, our stanyl material plays a very important role in this creative application, which also stimulates the R & D and production of domestic products, proving its reliability in this challenging application. The successful development of this kind of all plastic turnover valve further proves that plastic has the advantages of functionality while reducing costs

the materials used in the surrounding parts of the engine will also face challenges

in recent years, the global automotive industry is facing three challenges: first, environmental protection requires reducing automotive emissions; Second, the tight fuel supply requires reducing fuel consumption or using alternative energy; Third, reduce manufacturing costs. The challenges of the first two aspects make hybrid vehicles or vehicles using environmentally friendly alternative energy increasingly valued by automobile manufacturers, such as electric vehicles, oil electric hybrid vehicles or diesel driven vehicles. In the future, with the progress of technology, alcohol or other fuels may be mixed into gasoline. In short, these changes mean that the power system and oil circuit system of the car will also change, which will put forward new or higher requirements for the materials of engine functional components. The third challenge means that high-performance engineering plastics will be of great use, because this material can improve the design freedom of products, and can form components with more complex structures. At the same time, the weight of components is lighter and the function integration is better, which is very beneficial to improve the service performance of the whole system and reduce manufacturing costs

at present, we have successful cases to prove the good performance of our stanyl PA 46 material in motors and diesel engines. For example, for turbocharged diesel engines, turbocharged turbines can make the size of the engine smaller without reducing the energy output. This is conducive to improving the combustion efficiency of fuel and reducing the amount of unburned fuel in the exhaust system. However, turbocharging will produce high temperature, which means that some parts of the engine, such as intake manifold, intake manifold and intercooler end cover, are directly exposed to the continuously rising operating temperature. In order to ensure the reliability of long-term use, the materials used in these components must have excellent high-temperature resistance and be able to maintain good hardness, fatigue resistance and wear resistance at high temperatures. Undoubtedly, our stanyl PA 46 not only meets these requirements and is well applied, but also saves costs for these applications

the turnover valve of stanyl PA 46 produced by the in mold assembly technology

for such harsh applications, we launched stanyl Diablo ocd2100, which is the first product of the new generation of stanyl PA 46. We have improved its long-term heat stability. Even at a high temperature of 230 ℃, it can work normally for more than 3000 hours, and can inhibit thermal oxidation and deterioration. At the same time, its weldability, welding strength and long-term thermal stability of the weld are also high. In addition, this material has low creep and corrosion resistance, which can improve the reliability and service life of components

for customers, stanyl Diablo ocd2100 has excellent hardness, excellent toughness, good resistance to grease and engine oil at high temperature, and the degree of design freedom brought by ease of processing, which greatly expands the selection range of replacement metal materials, and may even replace other engineering plastics, which is undoubtedly beneficial to reducing the cost of the system

in addition, I also need to emphasize that the stability of mechanical properties of stanyl Diablo ocd2100 at high temperature does not depend solely on traditional antioxidants. Through the study and control of its oxidation mechanism, we ensure that the loss of mechanical properties of the material at high temperature is minimized. This is also the reason why stanyl Diablo can stand out among similar products and has the highest quality heat stability

in addition to stanyl Diablo ocd2100, we also launched stanyl tw272b6, a special specification in the stanyl series, which is specially developed for applications that replace metals and special materials. With high rigidity and excellent wear resistance, this material is very suitable for sliding bearings and other bearing applications, in which it can withstand very high loads. This new specification of products increases the variety of our existing wear-resistant products, thus providing customers with more choices

in addition, as a new variety of polyamide 6, akulon ultraflowtm launched this time has excellent flow characteristics and very high content of glass fiber modification characteristics, which can bring excellent surface appearance to products. This new grade can still bring excellent appearance quality to products even when the glass fiber content is as high as 60%, and it does not need paint, which can be used to replace traditional metals in structural applications

as a company focusing on sustainable development, DSM Engineering Plastics Department not only provides innovative materials and leading technologies to help customers realize their current HP partners, including Evonik, BASF, Arkema and Lehmann Voss, but also pays more attention to environmental protection in the production and use of products, and is committed to using our expertise, Help customers in the automotive industry produce more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, high-quality and high-performance automotive components or systems. (end)

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