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Collection and preservation of fruit pollen

in fruit production, bees cannot pollinate normally because there are few pollinating trees in orchards and there are strong winds and low temperatures during the flowering period. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the method of artificial assisted pollination. Then, it is necessary to establish a pollen preparation system to collect pollen under natural conditions in advance for storage and preservation. The main methods are as follows: extend the collection of pollen according to the different requirements of automobile OEMs. First, before the flowering of high-quality fruit tree varieties with a large amount of pollen, you can combine the flower thinning work, collect the budding bell flowers and take them back indoors, remove the petals and filaments, and leave only anthers. Lay the anthers on clean thick paper, put them on a fire pit of 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, turn them every two hours, or dry them in a dry and ventilated room with a room temperature of 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, and do not expose them to the sun. When 1 ~ 2 smallpox drugs crack and scatter pollen, repeatedly use fine baskets to screen the pollen, and collect the screened pollen for storage. Generally, every 10kg of flowers can produce about 200g of dry pollen, which can be used for pollination of 0.5 ~ 0.6 hectares of orchards. At the same time, when bees are released in the flowering period of the orchard, a powder taking bag with a hole diameter of 5mm is installed on the outside of the entrance of the hive, and the bees can leave the pollen they carry when they enter the hive. Collect pollen at regular intervals, rub it up and dry it, and keep it properly for artificial pollination

II. Storage and preservation. In addition to being used for artificial pollination during the flowering period of the current year, the pollen collected can also be stored in cold storage according to production needs for pollination of fruit trees in greenhouses in winter or for use in the coming year. Therefore, attention must be paid to the preservation and storage of pollen. Generally, the dried pollen is sealed in a brown wide mouth glass bottle, or sealed in a plastic bag, wrapped in black paper, packaged in a plastic bag, and then stored in a refrigerator below 0 ℃. The non-ferrous metal industry (including independent gold enterprises) has completed a fixed asset investment of 761.7 billion yuan, and the preserved pollen needs to be germinated before use to identify its viability before use

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