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Mode and discussion of centralized meter reading system

1, background

1.1 background and current situation

China is seriously short of water resources. With the rapid development of the national economy, the continuous increase of urban water supply users and water consumption, and the shortage of water sources in many cities, the state has introduced policies such as "one household, one meter" and "stepped water price" to strengthen the management of the water supply industry and improve users' awareness of water conservation

1.2 charging prospects

with the continuous improvement of water supply prices, the requirements for the service quality of water supply enterprises are becoming higher and higher, and the voice of implementing terminal services for water supply enterprises is increasing day by day. Units of water supply, power supply, gas supply, heat supply, communication, cable television, etc. shall collect relevant fees from end users. Charges for water and electricity will gradually transition to networked terminal services, that is, the mode of direct meter reading and charging by industrial companies. In this context, the number of direct users in the water industry will increase significantly

1.3 it has become a trend that water meters go out of households.

urban water supply enterprises need to improve their own economic benefits. Through the implementation of "one meter per household, meter reading to households", the accuracy of meter reading and the timely rate of collecting water charges by water supply enterprises can be greatly improved, and the efficiency of fund utilization can be improved. The clear policy requirements of the state for intelligent residential areas make the household measurement of water meters mandatory. In addition, the development is limited by relevant policies. In order to improve the grade of the community and provide users with perfect service facilities, the newly developed real estate projects are also more necessary for the household measurement of water meters. Therefore, the demand environment for water meter metering out of the house has matured

2. Meter reading method

2.1 meter reader household meter reading

ordinary water meter is still used, and meter reader household meter reading. The advantages of this method are simple and easy to operate, and the investment of disposable equipment is very small. It can be implemented even when the existing distribution pipe and water meter remain unchanged

its disadvantage is that it requires a large number of meter readers, and the staff consumption is huge, which is not conducive to the need of reducing staff and increasing efficiency, and the management of meter readers is also difficult to reach a new level. Meter reading by meter readers is more suitable as a temporary transition scheme at the initial stage of "one meter per household, meter reading to household"

at present, the quota of monthly meter reading by meter readers in the water, electricity and gas industries is generally between 2000 and 2500 households. In a Shenyang water supply company with more than 1.1 million direct users, if the meter is checked to the household on a monthly basis, the number of meter readers and managers should be at least 450-600. In addition to the salary and welfare expenses of these people, necessary management facilities must be provided for this purpose, and considerable management expenses must be paid. According to the lower standard of 12000 yuan per person per year, at least 5.4 ~ 7.2 million yuan per year is required

2.2 water meter out of the house and centralized meter reading

is to move residents' water meters to outdoor water meter wells, water meter rooms or special water meter boxes. Then, the meter reader shall read the meter manually or automatically

this scheme facilitates meter reading and maintenance. In addition, it also eliminates human meter reading, human charges, artificial water theft and other phenomena, but the reconstruction cost is large, which is more suitable for new houses. The reconstruction of old houses is too difficult and expensive. Especially in the cold north, water meter wells below the frozen layer must be set up. The one-time investment in pipe laying, antifreeze and excavation of water meter wells is very large, and the maintenance cost is also very high. In the design of the new residence, the water meter and heating facilities are installed in the same meter box in parallel, which not only solves the problem of cold prevention, but also provides a good environment for the future management of the water meter of the automatic centralized meter reading system

2.3 water meter information out of the house

meter reading only requires the measured value of the water meter. The water meter is directly out of the house or the water meter itself does not require to be out of the house. The water meter information goes out of the house, that is, the water meter is still indoors, and the measured value of the water meter can be obtained outdoors through technical means

according to the degree of automation, it can be divided into two modes: remote automatic meter reading and manual centralized meter reading

2.4 remote automatic meter reading

the water meter is still indoors, but the water meter information is out of the house. After leaving the house, the information can be directly transmitted to the business center of the water company by electronic and communication devices. This is usually called remote automatic meter reading

at present, there are two modes: traditional pulse type remote automatic meter reading system and direct reading automatic meter reading system

there are some pilot projects of pulse type remote automatic meter reading system in various places, but the effect is not ideal because of its inherent defects such as sampling method

2.5 manual centralized meter reading

the water meter is still indoors, but the water meter information is out of the house. This scheme mainly solves the problem of information going out of the house. Meter readers read meters outside the building, and then collect the meter reading data to the business center of the water company, commonly known as "semi-automatic"

to realize manual centralized meter reading, a direct reading meter reading system is required. Otherwise, the pulse meter reading system will produce inconsistent shrinkage of products in each mold cavity, and manual centralized meter reading cannot be realized

3. Direct reading centralized meter reading system

direct reading meter reading system

3.1 directly reading the window value of the water meter is not cumulative pulse conversion, and there is no cumulative error

the principle of direct reading water meter is to install photoelectric sensors and electronic circuits on the mechanical meter of the water meter to directly read the window value data. That is, directly reading the code disk of the meter to ensure the safety of the high-energy density battery, that is, the "window value". There is no need to set parameters such as the bottom number of the meter and the meter constant in the meter, no need to store data, and there is no cumulative error. The "meter reading" is truly realized, ending the history of cumulative pulses and converted values. The real "passive" water meter has no power supply in the meter, and the sensors and electronic devices do not work at ordinary times. B) it is divided into important rare indicators and pointers according to the instigation type at the end of measurement; It is powered by the network only at the moment of meter reading. Meter reading is powered by meter reader or concentrator instantly. Its failure rate is greatly reduced, and its reliability and service life are higher than those of other water meters

3.2 the water meter has an address and adopts M-BUS communication

m-bus communication mode, which adopts ordinary two core cable connection, and completes the functions of data communication and providing power supply for the water meter at the same time. The M-BUS communication mode does not need to distinguish the polarity, and can be constructed according to any topological structure, which greatly reduces the construction cost and difficulty. Even for the built houses, the construction of this bus structure is much better than the pulse mode structure with one table, one line and no table address, and the materials and working hours are both

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