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Model text of the agreement for participating in the construction of housing


agreement unit:

(hereinafter referred to as Party A)

(hereinafter referred to as Party B)

Party A and Party B agree whether there is an open circuit in the cable to participate in the construction of housing. Now, the relevant matters are agreed as follows:

the effective space of the tensile testing machine refers to the clamping space of the sample

1 Location and area of houses to be built. Party A participates in the construction of the residence in Party B's residential construction base, with a total construction area of square meters, and the benefit proportion is% and the actual construction area is square meters. Arrange the hierarchical parts as follows:

2 House price and payment method: the construction cost of the participating house is agreed to be yuan per square meter of construction area, and the construction area is square meters. The cost payable is yuan, and the management fee (agency fee) shall be yuan per square meter. The total cost payable is yuan, including the management fee, Party A shall pay the full price (including the management fee) directly to Party B's Bank of deposit within days after the contract takes effect

3. Building materials: the steel, wood and cement that Party A should undertake shall be delivered as follows:

4 Time limit for completion and delivery of the house: after the completion and acceptance of the house, Party B shall deliver the designated part and area to Party A for acceptance and use before MM DD YY. If the construction contractor delays the completion and delivery date, Party A shall understand

5. Property right of the house: the ownership of the house in the area participated by Party A belongs to Party A

6. Breach of contract: after this agreement is signed and takes effect, Party A and Party B shall jointly abide by it and shall not regret it, otherwise they shall bear the law of breach of contract

7. This Agreement shall take effect after being signed and sealed by the legal representatives of both parties. This agreement is made in two originals and copies, with Party A and Party B holding one original and copy respectively

supplementary terms:

Party A:

legal representative:

legal representative:

contact person:



deposit bank:

account number:

date of signing this Agreement:

deformation measurement is measured through deformation measurement installation

place of signing this Agreement:

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