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Construction and installation contract (1) Model text

construction and installation project contract

contract number

Project Name:

Project Number:



date of signing:

place of signing:

according to According to the economic contract law of the people's Republic of China, the regulations on construction and installation contracts and relevant provisions, in order to clarify the rights of both parties in the construction process, and the business and economy of using the device in five hospitals, both parties have agreed to sign this contract through consultation

Article 1 project

1. Project name:

2. Project location:

3 Project approval unit: approval number (refers to the document number of the authority that has the right to approve the project) project management unit: contracting scope and content: (see the project schedule for details); The construction area of the project is (square meters); Others:

v. project cost: (10000 yuan), including civil engineering: (10000 yuan), installation: (10000 yuan)

Article 2 construction preparation

I. The employer:

make "three links" outside the red line of the building before January, and be responsible for the maintenance of the access road outside the red line

before February, be responsible for connecting the general construction water source, power supply and transformer (including water meter and distribution board) on the construction site, which should meet the needs of frequent inspection of hydraulic main oil and measurement of water and power consumption. Complete the data of site leveling and removal of obstacles within the red line

3. Submit the construction permit within days after signing the contract

4. Within days after signing the contract (subject to the last drawing received), provide copies of complete construction and installation drawings and copies of construction technical data (including geological and benchmark coordinate control points)

5. Organize the contractor and the employer, the design unit and relevant departments to participate in the joint review of the construction drawing disclosure, and make the minutes of the joint review of the disclosure signed by the three parties, distribute them to the relevant units within days, and provide the minutes of the joint review and copies of the revised construction drawings within days

II. Contractor:

1. Be responsible for the laying, management, use and maintenance of temporary roads, temporary facilities and water and electricity pipelines in the construction area

2. Organize construction management personnel, materials and construction machinery to enter the site

3. prepare construction organization design or construction scheme, construction budget, general construction schedule, mobilization plan of materials and equipment, finished products, semi-finished products, etc. (including monthly plan), water and electricity plans, and send them to the employer

Article 3 project duration

first, according to the national construction period quota and use needs, the project duration is agreed to be days (calendar days), from the commencement date of month, year to the completion acceptance date of month, year (see attached table 1 for the commencement and completion date of each unit project)

II. Days before the commencement, the Contractor shall send the notice of commencement to the employer

III. in case of the following circumstances, the construction period shall be postponed correspondingly after being signed by the on-site representative of the employer:

1. According to the provisions of construction preparation, the construction site, water and power supply cannot be provided, the roads cannot be connected, and the new material projects that are involved in the key development of the seven national strategic emerging industries have not been removed, affecting the mobilization construction

2. Where the materials, equipment, finished products or semi-finished products supplied by the employer fail to meet the construction needs or the progress is affected due to defects found during delivery and inspection and need to be repaired, equipped, replaced or replaced

3. Major design changes that are not within the scope of the lump sum coefficient, and the engineering geological data provided are inaccurate, resulting in changes in the design scheme or affecting the progress due to the failure of construction

4. During construction, if the power or water supply is cut off for more than 8 hours or the continuous intermittent water or power supply is cut off for more than 3 days (each time for more than 4 hours), the normal construction will be affected

5. The construction of the next process is affected by the delay of the supervisor's visa for reasons other than the contractor

6. The construction is affected by the failure to allocate the advance payment, project progress payment or the price difference of purchasing materials in accordance with the provisions of the contract

7. The relevant staff who are irresistible need to carry out corresponding inspection for each structure of the equipment, which delays the construction period

Article 4 project quality

first, the quality of the project has been studied by both parties and meets the following requirements:

Second, the contractor must carry out the construction in strict accordance with the construction drawings, explanatory documents and the construction engineering specifications, procedures and standards issued by the state, and accept the supervision of the representative dispatched by the employer

III. The contractor must comply with the following provisions during construction:

1. The main raw materials, equipment, components and accessories, and semi-finished products provided by the contractor must be provided with quality certificates according to relevant regulations, or they can be used in the project only after passing the inspection

2. The main raw materials, equipment, components and parts, and semi-finished products provided by the employer must also have quality certificates before they can be used in the project. The change or substitution of materials must be approved by the original design unit, followed by a formal written notice and the visa of the employer's representative before they can be used in the project

3. The concealed works must be inspected, accepted and signed by the employer's representative before the next process can be carried out

4. The Contractor shall evaluate the quality of sub divisional, divisional and unit works according to the quality inspection and evaluation standards, and timely send the quality evaluation results of unit works to the employer and the quality supervision station. When the structure of the unit project is completed, the intermediate acceptance of the structure shall be carried out together with the employer and the quality supervision station

5. In case of quality accidents during construction, the Contractor shall timely report to the employer's representative and the local construction project quality supervision station. The handling results of general quality accidents shall be submitted to the employer and the quality supervision station for filing; Major quality

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