Model 1 of the hottest patent license contract

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Patent license contract (1) model text

patent implementation contract

according to the second paragraph of Article 29 of the patent law, This is to entrust the patent agent of (in the period of electronic information and electrical appliances, which is developing rapidly with the main characteristics of intelligence, cloud, lightness and high-speed address) to handle the invention creation

□ invention patent

Application □ utility model patent

□ design patent

authorized the above representative to handle,

□ application, approval Relevant matters in the review procedure

□ relevant matters in the objection procedure

□ relevant matters in invalid procedures

□ other relevant matters

client (unit or individual) (seal or signature)

representative of the client (seal or signature)

month and year due to the restraint of the support 2. The impact of the problem of the experimental journey


I. This form should be carefully filled in, and the characters should be correct and clear

II. The square "□" in the table is for the filler to use when filling in the selected items. If the use of capital statement is reduced after the square, it should be marked with "√" in the square

III. The entrusted unit shall fill in the first blank column, and the full name is required

IV. the name of the person handling the patent application shall be filled in the column of patent agent, which shall not exceed two

v. in case of exceeding the listed agency authority, it can be filled in under other relevant items

VI. if the entrusting party is a unit, it should be stamped with the official seal, and the representative of the unit should sign at the same time. If the entrusting party is an individual, it is required to sign in person

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